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  1. I am not sure what to tell you as my problem was due to an SD card being present on one of my laptops. When I removed/unseated it and reinstalled HX Edit works fine. Do you have any peripherals, such as SD cards or USB drives on your laptop?
  2. Okay, it looks like due to me having a large SD card in my machine it somehow interfered with HX Edit. When I remove the SD card and reinstalled it lit right up. The update to the helix itself was not the problem, so right mow everything is looking good. Thanks everybody for the input
  3. Yes did all of that, something must have happened during the install, what I don't know. However I was able toinstall on another laptop without problems. Thanks for the help!
  4. Yes it was updated from the download, and the executable is from 11/17/2020. Since it will not open how do I check the version? And yes I backed up with HX 2.92
  5. Hey an odd one. Updated HX Edit to 3.0, Helix floor updated, but now for whatever reason HX Edit won't execute or open. When I hit "open" thinks a couple of seconds and that's it. I have reinstalled and reflashed the Floor unit twice. Floor says 3.0 when booting up but HX Edit will still not open on my laptop. Windows 10
  6. Another good resource is Custom Tone. I would search and look for best rated tones and download them and demo them. You can search by artist, song, and guitar. I will warn you there are some not so good patches and some great ones. I used this technique to get myself started and tweak. The FB page on Helix also has some very good patches. This technique helps get you started with say a tone that is 70-90% there and only needs a little massaging to get something decent.
  7. Workbench HD is free but only works with the newest JTV update.
  8. I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish. If you have a Helix why wouldn't you use the routing options to send a dry signal through one of the effect sends. With VDI you send the magnetics on one and the modeler on another.
  9. Well, workbench is actually free for Variax owners and can be saved to the guitar directly along with modifying the Variax directly within the patch on Helix. In fact you can switch between the mags and the models or use both at the same time in Helix. This would be a good test to determine if there is more damage to the VDI ingterfcae to the guitar than initially thought. If Helix or workbench can't communicate or see the guitar than there is a bigger problem with the interface especially after cleaning contacts.
  10. Band had a gig in Wales a couple of Octobers ago. I put my Helix in its back pack into one of those big duffels with wheels, with some band merch and my clothes and then checked it a long with My JTV89F in a flight case. Everything made it fine both to and back to the US without any problems.
  11. Looking for any input from someone using a Taylor T5Z with Helix. I currently have a JTV59 and JTV89F along with a VAC700 and all sound great through the helix. I am primarily trying to give myself a kick in the butt into playing more and have been looking at the Taylor T5Z. Any insight would be appreciated-Leftzilla
  12. Leftzilla

    Main Guitar

    Over the years I have collected a few guitars and still have most of them but my go to is my JTV89F, so i am in he Variax boat (I have 4, VAX700, VAC700, JTV59 and the JTV89F) Others - Gibson The Paul (First good guitar I owned going on 39 years), Kramer Pacer Custom, Parker Nitefly, Epiphone Flying V, Epiphone Les Paul
  13. Bertokia is right. You can blend the model vs magnetic pickup very easily (especially with a VDI cable and a Helix using the volume/wah pedal.
  14. I have botha JTV59 and a JTV89F. I love the 89F. You may not realize it but the 89F goes to single coil in the 2 and 4 position. Also with a Helix and a goo0d vdi cable you have a lot more options than you realize such as harmonizing between the models and the pickups, switching from the pickups to the model with the volume/wah pedal (Great for switching between a distorted signal straight to acoustic.) On the fly detuning etc etc So there are a lot of reason to go for the JYV89F vs a standard guitar. It depends on how you use it.
  15. Check out Sweetwater, they have 4 different colors exclusive to them, but these are standard scale (250) not the baritone of the Line 6 (270) original Shuriken
  16. I have been using he VDI cable with a JTV59 and 89Fand my helix for going on 3 tears or so. One of the things not mentioned its easy to blend or switch between the models and the the magnetic pickups quite easily using the Helix pedal along with the tuning changes and patch changes. Great way to blend or switch between an acoustic and full bore distorted, or for example clean fender to a humbucker driven through a marchall amp (or whiever you vhoose) you can also detune the models to harmonize directly with the magnetics.
  17. I was able to mount with the brackets provided using the strap nut bracket along with one of the risers, worked well. I will send a picture tomorrow.
  18. It sounds like you answered your own question. Keep them both plugged into the same power circuit. Or get a power conditioner.
  19. What are you sending the Helix output to? Headphones/FRFR/Studio Monitors? There are multiple suggestions for Global EQ in this forum, perhaps one of these will help.
  20. klangmaler, I did and I do have quite a few customtone downloads. Its kind of a catch 22, so many presets, some excellent some horrible (which could just be not enough time or too specific a patch for someone's personal setup). I also have quite a few of Glenn's patches which are excellent and extremely educational along with Chris's and Chad's patches which I have purchased. I have been a big fan of Line 6 gear for a long time, 4 Variax's, XT live, 2 X3 Live, 2 HD500s, HD500X, and finally Helix. It just works for me and my approach to guitar. And the Line 6 forums have been a great help with a lot of user support.
  21. See the fog is lifting (at least on my part), thank you cruisinon2 and silverhead. I think you are absolutely correct and I was remembering this patch from POD X3 LIve. Time to dig in and copy it over. Thanks again for your replies.
  22. Hey this may be a result of my foggy brain but I seem to remember that one of the updates had some factory presets that were focused on Helix/Variax. I searched custom tone and the forum looking for mention of these but couldn't find anything. In particular I am looking for a "love the one you're with" preset. Again this might have also been an after market preset. Any help would be appreciated.
  23. Also when you change strings you might find you will have to adjust the spring tension of the bridge to get a good balance and "flat" bridge position. If you stick to the same gauge strings once you have dialed in you should be okay and not have to do it again. It can be frustrating especially if it is your first Floyd Rose system, but once it is dialed in it is a very stable system.
  24. I have been using VDI in all of my live performances with JTV89F and JTV59 and it has worked flawlessly for me for over 5 years incliding mixing themagnetics with the model outputs for me. In all of that time I have had the battery in so I am not sure why you make the statement you can't leave the battery in while tethered. ASt least in my experience it hasn't been an issue.
  25. I also did or do a backing track solo act and I started with the VAX 700 and a POD XTLive. I have since graduated through a JTV 59 and JTV89F, POD X3 live, HD500, HD500X and finally Helix. I also am extremely happy with the Helix sound and versatility. I tend to use the volume pedal to switch between an acoustic Variax Model and a distatorted magnetic pickups but I should start looking at snapshots to do the switchiong also.
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