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My Two Rock/Fender clean tone, PRESET+IR


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How will I know what IR to use with what preset?

For the fender clean tones, you can find the proper IRs attached to the first post, and locations 35, 36, and 33.


For the other presets, you really need to experiment using the beautiful Helix foot editing while you keep playing. For the High gain presets, I suggest using the G12M/SM57 IRs in the folder. For the other tones, I suggest experimenting with the other IRs, which are all variations on the same theme of either a Weber alnico with a G12M or G12H with a G 12M using different microphones and different EQ.

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Yeah, he's got a couple of threads here on this subject and has I believe moved on from those presets.  Search for the OP and you'll find links to his latest presets and IR's.  Unfortunately, it's not really clear which of his presets are the ones he uses to get the tones he discusses here (if he even uses those tones anymore).


I agree, though, I would like to try out the originals.

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