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  1. I see there are 3 downloads that all say 2.6 - they are different sizes too. Why? TIA
  2. I need to try the LS. I've been geeking on the placater all weekend!
  3. I bought my Helix in part bc of the promised updates and consider it part of the deal. If they stopped the updates I wouldn't get rid of it (at 2.5 - at 1.0 i would have in a heartbeat) , however I would feel I had been misled. I realize they wont update it forever, but if they had never updated it from v1.0 I wonder how many would have bought it? I sure wouldn't have. Just my .02 worth. It's good you appreciate the updates, And do too, but I stand by "it's built in to the price" how else do they pay their people for the "free" upgrades?
  4. Nothing in life is "free" you paid for that update when you paid for the Helix. imo
  5. apparently I have 2 accounts... made one back in 08' made another when I bought my Helix I guess. solved
  6. Is there a way to change to a different snapshot while in Native? Even manually would be fine. tia
  7. both. EV FRFR monitor FX return of Carvin V3 into open back v30's (two of them)
  8. Is there a way in the editor to put the parameters of what ever fx I'm working on into snapshot mode? (Like when you push and turn one of the knobs under the screen and get the brackets [6.2] ?) tia
  9. I have a patch that splits off after the pre-amp and before the IR to send output (w/o IR) to one and two. it then goes to my tube amp fx return. The other path continues into the IR and on out to the Helix main outs. can i put a vol pedal on both outputs and use the built in pedal to control them both in sync?
  10. Told me to wait 55 seconds after I hit submit on a topic. Fine, went back to my post all the text in the body gone.... re-did it, and now there are 2 of the f****** same post. I'd sure like to delete one of them, but don't see where that can be done. Bad design imo
  11. I cant find where to assign the toe switch to the wah. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Building a patch with a wah. Easy enough to assign it to one of the 10 switches, but how do I assign the toe switch to it for on/off? TIA
  13. I see that sweetwater has a link for LT owners, but I couldn't find a link for Regular Helix owners....
  14. Seems I saw someone post about this, maybe on another forum. Is it just a matter of setting all the outputs of each patch to the same level using the meters on Native? Does input level need to be adjusted as well? TIA. (trying to work my free trial to the max!)
  15. nobody knows? I thought my first one did, I just don't want to go digging for a thin film if it's not there.
  16. Question: does the helix have that protective film on the scribble strips? If it does it's hard to see. But I'd like it off, so is it yea or nay? (putting Chads Plexiglas protectors on)
  17. my Helix is my sound interface. I use Reaper as my DAW. I can get Native to work but I still hear my clean guitar. I thought I had this working the other day, maybe I just couldnt hear the clean under the distorted, but tonight the only way to get rid of the clean is to turn my helix vol off, which means I cant hear my daw. I still get signal to the channel so if i could just mute the guitar at the helix maybe? TIA Help!
  18. why wont my amp retain its settings per snapshot? I have a GD patch and each snap changes the amp's settings. I go to snap one on my patch and set drive at 6 save it then go to snap 2 set drive at 8 save it and snap one now has it's drive at 8. how do I keep the amp settings separate across snaps?
  19. Going to try this myself. It looks like a great program. Thanks!
  20. turn off any firewall you have - I had same issue, turned off my firewall (zone alarm) it's good now.
  21. I got it working. It was my Firewall (Zone Alarm). Even though I snoozed it for 5 min, it still wouldn't authenticate. Then I just shut the firewall off all the way and I'm golden! Now to figure out what ports it's using.....
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