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  1. I have tightened it. But I'll check that tonight.
  2. only had this one a week. it'll go back to MF i guess. sigh I really want Helix to work out for me.
  3. my pedal was floppy out of the box. (the built in expression pedal) The first helix i had had a bad capacitance switch, this is my second one and it really concerns me about the quality control on a 1500.00 piece of gear.
  4. My volume pedal doesn't go to zero constantly when in heel down position. sometimes it does but other times it goes to 3 or 5 % (random low number) Is there a calibration I can do on it? Brand new Helix less than a week old too. TIA
  5. My first Helix had an issue with a bad capacitance switch. I bought it at MF - They sent me a new one WHICH is the only thing I would have accepted. Line 6 on the other hand told me to send it in to them or take it to an authorized repair center... For a unit less than 2 weeks old??? lol
  6. Anyone know off hand what the size of the helix allen wrench is? I'd love to get me an extra backup at Home Depot.
  7. I found that my JVM410H doesn't get enough signal when I run Helix direct into the power amp. Not sure why. It's fine through the clean channel front jack. I have several tube amps and the helix works great in the return of my hot rod deville and my carvin v3 (the only 2 i tried it in) It's not a biggie for me BC i run a frfr speaker.
  8. where is asio driver for the bloody thing? I keep looking and all i see is firmware updates on the downloads page. I just want asio driver!!
  9. Nope - best MF will do is ship the new one as soon as they get the tracking on the old one. In the mean time I have 2 practices before and a gig on march 4th. Going back right after that.
  10. re flashed firmware - no help. Line 6 says needs to be repaired, I say I'm sending it back for a new one, screw repair...
  11. Line 6 tells me it has to be repaired... Great. (not really) it's not even 2 weeks old and I was sick as a dog the first week I had it and barely touched it. i'm quite unhappy that I get a defective unit for what these go for. :-( So it's going back to MF on March 6th. I have a gig on the 4th and need to see how it works in a live rock situation. Jimbo
  12. I too have this problem. running the latest firmware - have ticket open with line 6 but no word yet jimbo
  13. I want the TC. Just not the message all the dang time!
  14. But I'm NOT touching anything but the guitar.
  15. Every preset I chose or create once I change it o it I get this question multiple times. It's driving me crazy. "Assign foot switch to bypass selected block?" Goes away on its own or I hit cancel. Any advice?
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