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  1. I use this: Electro-Voice ZLX-12P 12" 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker Clean and Loud! I use it in a 3 guitar + bass and keyboard classic rock band. Keeps up fine.
  2. This was my second Helix (third on the way) the first helix didn't rock back and forth in the same spot on my desk is how I know it's flat (or first helix warped :) ) Anyway unit was picked up this morning and I hope to have my replacement in about 5 days.
  3. On the bright side: I'm getting very proficient in updating the Helix, as well as backing up & restoring. As a test I did factory reset on Helix. Then did a global restore. Worked great- all patches where I left them. I then renamed my Glen DeLuane patches with numbers in front of the GD_Patch Name That corespnd to the IR's slot number they are supposed to be in. 1GD_ Patch Name 2GD_ etc 3GD_etc Imported the IR's in and they are in the correct order!
  4. The pedal seemed to be working fine on my desk which is where it's been since my quote up there. I had my first band band practice last night ( there are six of us in the band, we all have jobs and five of us have families. needless to say it's hard to schedule a practice) I digress. Helix sounded Awesome! (w/ frfr) Volume pedal wasn't heel downing (that a word?) to zero. :( I'm still getting 2-3% until I really mash it whit my heel. the unit doesn't sit square on my desk either: it rocks back and forth from upper left to lower right. The first Helix I had didn't do that. It's going back for exchange to MF on Monday. I hate to be without it, but it cost too much to have to put up with any defect.
  5. Ty - Will definitely check all that out. especially the tube that drives the loop.
  6. looks like it is a Helix to me.
  7. When I plug my Helix into the fx return on my Marshall JVM410H, it has a very low volume even with the units volume knob all the way up. When I plug it into my Fender HRD or 5153 fx return, all have plenty of volume (in fact I have to turn the vol knob back down on those two). What am I doing wrong on the Marshall? tia
  8. I wondered what I was doing wrong in the pc editor. I re-named my set list using the Helix (which is fairly cumbersome as far as naming things goes imo)
  9. I've not seen any phase flipping controls on the Helix. I haven't looked for them but I don't think you can without more gear.
  10. throw the looper at the front of your chain - record your guitar and play back - you can now tweak to your hearts content w/o holding a guitar
  11. jimbojamz

    Glenn Delaune

    His patches are the best. I have the 2nd artist series and the boutique amp pack. Awesome patches at a fair price. He will help if you ask.
  12. TY, I'll take your suggestion about re naming. I suspected it had to do with naming convention and not position. and it does.
  13. This is the 3rd update I've done. Patches have loaded back fine both times. The ir's did not load into their correct slots either time. (fixing to load everything back in - my v2.20 just finished. ) . I'm stuck to do a lot of moving around. too much for this old man. Am I doing something incorrect? Or is it just the way the helix does it? tia
  14. That moment you started a critical update and remember your neighbor that shares a driveway and power line with you is having a tree cut down right next to that same power line. Rebuilding presets now... I think I'm safe.
  15. Wondering what a volume pedal between Helix and my frfr speaker would sound. Hate to buy a controller pedal when I have an Ernie Ball volume pedal sitting around. I figured I could then use the Helix pedal for wah. I tend to put my volume pedal toward the end of the path anyway. Has any one tried it?
  16. Don't rush to get updates, bc plenty will, and you can learn a lot by their experiences.
  17. jimbojamz

    2.20 Party

    I never do updates on any computer "first". Lots of people will, so I choose to wait and see what happens to their hardware. I'm on my second Helix so I've flashed them twice without any problem at all - but both were new out of the box with none of my presets loaded, so that's a easy decision, especially since the 2.2 update had been out sometime and had proven reliable. Just my .02 worth
  18. jimbojamz

    2.20 Party

    I'm gonna let about 300 of y'all install the newest update first. Then I'll put it on mine ;-)
  19. i had this problem and i used the included hex wrench to just about totally take the big pedal nut loose. (pedal was flopping around) I re tightened it and works perfectly now. seems the pedal was off enough that the body of the helix was rubbing inside I'm guessing. any way it fixed my volume jump problem.
  20. It was doing it still tonight after work. I loosened the pedal screw up until it just about came loose. The pedal was all floppy in there. I tightened it back up and it seems to be working correctly like my last unit did.
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