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  1. I'm using the same login info as I just used to sign on here.. so the UN and PW are correct. guess I'll have to open ticket - sigh.
  2. I click on change my password it goes right to the L6 website. Help. Running Reaper. when I launch Native, it says it is offline in red print at the top of the plug in window. I try and log in I get "wrong user name or pw" when I clicked "change my password" it went right to the L6 page.... so it is online, Native claims it's not. Any ideas?
  3. time to look for new bass player or new band. If my bass player said that to me I would laugh him out of the room.
  4. jimbojamz

    Tube amps Gone?

    I'm thinking the same thing. i have 8 various tube amps, figure I'll keep 2 or 3 and sell off the rest. I can't (yet) convince myself that Helix can replace those 100%. I still need to do more live gigging with the band to see how it's going to shake out.
  5. I'd say don't get one then. I wouldn't if I didn't like those buttons.
  6. I didn't like my Helix at first. Now I'm just trying to figure how to sell my 8 tube amps, and umpteen individual fx pedals. I'm using a EV powered monitor as FRFR. We play classic rock and play it LOUD! 6 piece band, we all sing too. My Helix will stand in the mix just fine. Better than fine really. Plus I love being able to change "amps" during a set. Just my .02 worth.
  7. jimbojamz

    Ernie Ball

    you got to plug into the output jack though... not the input I use one and it's great!
  8. I'm 60, play out, and love my helix!
  9. I don't know if the editor is java based, it looks like java - but that doesn't mean it is. In our case we searched for "program will not upscale" (we're using surface pro's with a 2kX3k resolution) and found that in our case it was a java issue.
  10. you could also use the magnifier in windows
  11. here is our fix for a program called "softchalk" it is not specific to anything but the java that drives it. SoftChalk UpScale fix for Win 10 Surface Create a new registry entry: Press Windows Button + R, type “regeditâ€, and then click OK. Navigate to the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > SideBySide Right-click, select NEW > DWORD (32 bit) Value Type PreferExternalManifest, and then press ENTER. Right-click PreferExternalManifest, and then click Modify. Enter Value Data 1 and select Decimal. Click OK. Exit Registry Editor. Add Manifest File for JAVAW.exe: Go to \\FR-file01\deploy and access the SoftChalk Fix folder Copy the file (javaw.exe.manifest) to the following locations C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_131\bin C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_131\bin Note: You will need to elevate to do this task Reboot and verify Softchalk upscales correctly
  12. We have a similar issue at work (High School) where a program that's java driven will not scale. We have a work around but it involves editing the registry and addition of several strategically placed new files.
  13. I've seen guys use bicycle chain to do the same thing - wouldn't work for that far inside screw, but the chain sides make pretty good clips.
  14. I've noticed in my case that when doing the latest upgrade it actually took a few minutes after the unit had rebuilt all the patches to get everything in order so to speak. After the upgrade i went to my ir's and they were not there. I poked around a little went back and they were all there.
  15. The ir's sit in a certain location for the GD and freeman patches. If they both try to share the same ir location thats not going to work. I have some of the GD patches and the irs have to be in certain slots. I'm not sure how to rectify your issue, unless you can reprogram one or the other sets to use diff ir slots. I'd start with an email to Glen and see what he suggest.
  16. would like to expand on the harmonizer statement? Help the rest of us out? tia.
  17. I wonder how many Helix units Line 6 has sold??
  18. Hate to bust the bubbles here but I'm on my third Helix. One had a bad touch capacitance switch - it went back. The next one I got - the volume wouldn't go to zero 100% of the time when I would heel down on it. I received the third one yesterday and so far looks as if it's a good one. I did notice that the pedal on this one gets to zero an 1/8 inch or so before the heel down travel is stopped. The defective one would get to zero at exactly the same time i reached the end of travel on the pedal, so i think it's why it sometimes would only go to 2% or 1% (to zero it I would have to heel down again with more force) I will say I love the Helix and will be selling off a bunch of my pedals and amps soon.
  19. jimbojamz

    Old Man Happy

    60 y/o here. love my Helix. Do yourself a favor and get Glen Deluanes patches. (some or all) you won't be sorry and you can glean a lot of knowledge out of looking at his patches and their structure,
  20. I sent it back today for exchange b/c bad controller pedal. What do I do now?? Argh! so 2 months ago I got Helix I got Glen DeLuane patches (awesome) I was sooo disappointed Then: I took the time to read the forum I took the time to learn how the Helix does things. (especially as regards to its ir's - Thank you GD) I had 3 practices and a gig going into clean input of a jvm410h with 2 clestion v30's in a open back cab. I was much happier I got some high gain GD patches I had a practice Friday - frfr speaker only Electro-Voice ZLX-12P 12" 2-way :) Loved it. I'm sold, bumming I dont have it here tonight. (Except This will be my 3rd Helix. I've sent the two previous back b/c of problems. One was a bad touch switch that fired all the time asking assign what ever fx you were on, as if you just touched the switch. This one was the heel down not going to zero issue.) I figure I can't be 3rd time unlucky? This would have been a good time to have Helix Native, if only
  21. The place you bought it from may have the serial ..
  22. I use that one too - Great free IR
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