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How to reset?


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Today when I turned the helix on it ran a bunch of lines across screen at end of boot up.

It turned on fine but I was missing a factory pre set, and sound wasn't the best.


I have seen people speak about different what is the one I need and how to do it?


My helix is on fist 1.00.0 firmware. I have had no blackouts ( screen or scribble pads)


I'm planning on staying with this firmware for at least till next update. Maybe the windows 10 thing will be fixed soon.


Anyways thx in advance

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The ones that I know about (I'm sure there are lots more):


1. Hold switches 8 & 9 while powering on: resets setlists to factory and clears any loaded IRs.


2. Hold switches 9 & 10 while powering on: same as 8 & 9 plus it resets globals. (do this one after updating to firmware 1.02.2)


3. Hold switch 2 while powering on: some sort funky led color thingy. Doesn't actually do anything except allows you to mess with the led colors.


4. Anyone know any others?


If you can find a different computer to flash the most recent firmware, I would. Prior to 1.02.2, I had screen corruption, black screen of no response, other minor things. But since 1.02.2 I've had none of those problems.

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Have him update to v2.82. Then create a backup of your system and send him the file. He can then do a restore and get all your presets and IRs (and global settings if he wants, or he can choose not to restore those).


Make sure he he does his own backup before restoring yours.

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