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  1. BarrySandman

    How do I update Helix Native?

    i use bouth floor and the native,,but they not work very well together,,,can they? and i upgrade my floor now,,but i trouble a little,,,it about,,i forget everytime,,if theres a trick,,like on the floor the two left bottoms down,,,,i think its difficult for a person with ADHD like me to do that,,but can you please tell me how to update Native to 1.82 thanks Barry
  2. BarrySandman

    V1.7 Fixed Logic Pro Snapshot Bug

    Some days ago, i tried to explain my problem,,its not very easy,,im not and English man ,but i try anyway,,ok,,i have everything connect into my Logic pro X, and Helix Native sounds are there when i open a song, but sometime i want to change or open helix to peak ecco or fuzz,,bla bla,, but when i do that , try to open the Helix its just stop the LOgic and it lock the program and i get message say it will report this to Apple,,the strange thing are ,,i haveHelix in my system? but it say i dont?? all happend when i try to upgrade to 1.7 and my floor to 2.7 i think the problem can be something about the files setup?
  3. BarrySandman

    Helix update killed it

    Thanks,,i try to get some answer there
  4. BarrySandman

    Helix update killed it

    i of cause as a stupid lollipop i am ,,upgrade IOS to mojave,,everything looked good so far,,go to my Logix and open a song,everything sound like normal,everything fine,, intill i want to open my Native to change sound,, i do,,,click OUT of Logic,,where is the problem? i check in audio- manager everything look fine?
  5. BarrySandman

    Helix plug-in on MacOS - permanent spinner

    Same her,,i just fall out,,i trow up soon,,its just impossible to have so much lollipop in one product,,start realy to loose it,,but what can i do,,eat lollipop and leave with it,,or just stop youse Line 6?
  6. BarrySandman

    Helix update killed it

    thanks a lot,,but i said i had connection to my HxEdit and download the file i need for my Imac high sierra,but nothing happend? Done this as i told tree time before,and everything worked fine,,so there must be something i do wrong? But what?? Try to find the anything in the updater? Nada?
  7. BarrySandman

    Helix update killed it

    Can please someone tell me the rutin again,,this is my thourd time off update`s but today nothing happend? i connect to Imac as usual,,everything connect,with HXedit and Floor,,i upload the file and start it,Nothing happend?
  8. BarrySandman

    Saving IR's to a preset

    Do i realy need to remeber ? ex.if i bouth and IR-say a good finished preset--- to the Number i load it off cause i can fine the number easy..but if i choose it to be with that preset how do i save it?..yes im stupid i know,,but try to be easy on my
  9. BarrySandman

    Helix floor back up to update Native

    are there any way to sync thouse together,,i have some nice sounds on my floor,, and now i work in the studio with the Native,,please can someone tell me,,How,,i saw it in you tube,,but cant find it