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  1. Sorry,,here,,im a lousy peace of lollipop so that said,,i go to the Exit and download everything as i thought be correct,,but nope,i cant see the new amp or some fuzz?? and when i go to customtone to get some new one,it wounded do that,,it said i cant put the presets into device because it not have the correct amp or effect? what did i do wrong? i find out,,it was of caurse my failer,,i diddent update the HX edit,,i thought i did,,but i needed to delete the 2,92 exit first
  2. Can i pear a floor to another? a friend of me asked if he could get all my presets,,, and IR,,i have everything 282 for mine but hes is 2.11 ,what do i do?
  3. i use bouth floor and the native,,but they not work very well together,,,can they? and i upgrade my floor now,,but i trouble a little,,,it about,,i forget everytime,,if theres a trick,,like on the floor the two left bottoms down,,,,i think its difficult for a person with ADHD like me to do that,,but can you please tell me how to update Native to 1.82 thanks Barry
  4. Some days ago, i tried to explain my problem,,its not very easy,,im not and English man ,but i try anyway,,ok,,i have everything connect into my Logic pro X, and Helix Native sounds are there when i open a song, but sometime i want to change or open helix to peak ecco or fuzz,,bla bla,, but when i do that , try to open the Helix its just stop the LOgic and it lock the program and i get message say it will report this to Apple,,the strange thing are ,,i haveHelix in my system? but it say i dont?? all happend when i try to upgrade to 1.7 and my floor to 2.7 i think the problem can be something about the files setup?
  5. Thanks,,i try to get some answer there
  6. i of cause as a stupid lollipop i am ,,upgrade IOS to mojave,,everything looked good so far,,go to my Logix and open a song,everything sound like normal,everything fine,, intill i want to open my Native to change sound,, i do,,,click OUT of Logic,,where is the problem? i check in audio- manager everything look fine?
  7. Same her,,i just fall out,,i trow up soon,,its just impossible to have so much lollipop in one product,,start realy to loose it,,but what can i do,,eat lollipop and leave with it,,or just stop youse Line 6?
  8. thanks a lot,,but i said i had connection to my HxEdit and download the file i need for my Imac high sierra,but nothing happend? Done this as i told tree time before,and everything worked fine,,so there must be something i do wrong? But what?? Try to find the anything in the updater? Nada?
  9. Can please someone tell me the rutin again,,this is my thourd time off update`s but today nothing happend? i connect to Imac as usual,,everything connect,with HXedit and Floor,,i upload the file and start it,Nothing happend?
  10. Do i realy need to remeber ? ex.if i bouth and IR-say a good finished preset--- to the Number i load it off cause i can fine the number easy..but if i choose it to be with that preset how do i save it?..yes im stupid i know,,but try to be easy on my
  11. are there any way to sync thouse together,,i have some nice sounds on my floor,, and now i work in the studio with the Native,,please can someone tell me,,How,,i saw it in you tube,,but cant find it
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