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HD500x cabs


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Line 6, the cabs on the HD are horrendous, I'm sorry but I can't stress it enough. The only cab I am pretty content with is the XXX cab and the Uber cab. With the XXX it has a very good translation to a live monitor wedge. It's also easier to notch out the low end on it using EQ where I need to than to low shelf the other ones (doesn't work well at all).

Please. Please please, I am begging you, figure out what's going on with these cabs. There has to be some update we can do. The remastered JCM 800 sounded a great deal better. Sounded raw, like a real amp. I'm literally at the point I'm going to have to add a laptop to my pedalboard with Poulin LeCab on it just to fix what I really don't feel i should have to fix.

Just remember what I'm saying here. The cabs are for the most part useable in a quiet format, but once turned up it's pretty frustrating that the treadplate cab is probably what I would vote the lousiest cab in the entire collect. Everything about it is shrill and impossible to work with at stage volumes.

 YES I TWEAK AT VOLUME. I spend alot of time with my monitor wedge in my face.

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You might already know this, but a lot of people find that turning the resonance cab DEP to zero makes things better. Turning this to zero also neutralizes both thump and decay.


I've found that I actually like the resonance turned up past the 50% default for a lot of cabs, but some do sound better with it at zero.

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I've noticed, honestly, that the cabs sound best only with the Amp patch that they are default to...

Which does kinda suck..,

Except for the 75 Celestion copy cabinet and the early breakup on the greenback 25...,

Those I will use with other amps...

But for the most part, changing cabs on the preset amps doesn't do what it should...

But I also think it's what our ear is used too...

I prefer a 6l6 for warm overdriven tones,

So my amp and cab I'd choice is the Soldono and the Greenback 25...

I'm also a hard Marshall Growl fan, so the 2204 and the 75 cab to me are the best....

The Bassman is awesome too...

The tread plate is two treblely for me...


I think, for the ability to have thousands is dollars in amps for around 600 is increadable and worth a little tweek time...

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