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Reaper CC and Pod HD Pro x


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Hi guys,


Trying to sort out reaper sending midi CC's to my Pod to turn effects on and off. 

We run backing tracks from Reaper live and I want to use CC51 + to turn on and off blocks. I can do this fine. Problem is when our drummer skips through the set list on reaper I have to reset the patch on the pod as the effects turn on and off depending on the last state.

Any way I can send say, CC51 Velocity 127 for effect on, and CC51 Velocity 0 for effect off? 


OR is there any other work around for this apart from resetting the patch each time?





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There is no way to specify whether you want an effect on or off depending on the value, unfortunately.


You could look in Reaper's preferences -> Audio -> MIDI Devices, and on the bottom there is a toggle to Reset CC on stop/play, and see if that does anything for you.


Otherwise, you could possibly write a script to mute the midi item once the cursor goes past the time that midi item lives in. I don't know anything about Reaper's scripting or even if this would be possible, but just an idea.

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Couldn't you just put the PC msg at the beginning of each song in the sequence? I have done that in recording situations re-amping guitar tracks thru midi controlled rigs. PC first, followed by the CCs....If you arm your midi track, you should be able to record all your changes you need per song.

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