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Using External Looper With L6 Link

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The limited loop time 40 seconds on the HD400 has me wanting to use my Jamman but cannot think of a way to incorporated it using L6 link.


Running out thhe 1/4 inch out through the jamman would lose the power amp switching on the DT25 via L6.


Has anyone figured a good rig setup to incorporate an external looper?




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Tanks for the comeback.


Considered that but would have to use a seperate amp then for the looper. When you are connected via L6 link the 1/4 inch in on the DT25 is inactivate. Unless there is a  way to make them both hot?


Also when live, use effects out for acoustic tones direct to board.

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I use the boss rc-300 as a looper and it's incredible with 3 channels and their own volumes.


JTV-89f to hd500 to DT25

In front of DT 25 I put a sm57 that goes into the mic jack of the rc-300

Then the rc-300 goes into a G-major 2 so I can use stereo delays :) without buying a 2nd amp and it finish into my PA


I know that only my currently playing part sound from dt25 but that's what I want.


This setup is awsome

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