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Kb37 Midi Mapping For Cubase Le1

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Hi, I'd really like to know if anybody has had any joy with the above combination (tried the Steinberg forum too)...


I've had some luck with the transport commands in Reason for digidesign ( an old M-Box cd ) so I know I have Midi signal, and my cubase transport bar  shows midi in when I press any transport keys, so I know I'm connected at least.

I've been checking out the manuals of course, Line6 and Cubase, but still no joy.

I'm assuming midi is midi ,and you could map the KB37 to any DAW if you know what you are doing.

If someone could even confirm or deny this that would also help, Thanks in advance, Tom.

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Hi, it did the trick! I think I was maybe confused about selecting switch types too. I've already mapped most  of the transport buttons, I see what I need the 4 rotary knobs for later. I've just got a shortboard mkII as well, so I'm feeling fairly stoked now, Cheers,Tom.

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