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Firehawk fx overdrive and distortion cascade. can be done?


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Hello to all

I am new to the forum.


I would like to switch from analog to digital instrumentation, to have more flexibility.

When my line effects expected crybaby ----> mxd dyna comp ---> mxr distrortion iii ---> Ibanez TS9 ----> mxr corus analogic ----> Boss DD3 and I would copy it in digital. I find very interesting is FIREHAWK fx, for its simplicity and directness. :wub:

I downloaded the app for testing and it seems well made.

But I have strong doubts that maybe you can answer. I watched many tones to FIREHAWK fx, but I see that all have always only one "stomp" or some maximum two delays ... you can have multiple Flex FX blocks of the same type (Stomp, Mod, Delay, or Pitch / Synth) below ?


Eg Stomp ---> Stomp ---> Stomp ---> Mod -> Delay ---> Daley ----> Delay etc ...


How can it be done?


You have a link where I can find the instructions.


Or I would estimate the pod hd500x, but provides another type of interface.


Thanks for all your reply.



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Correct you have 3 flex blocks to use to your liking , 3 delays if you want or 2 stomps and 1 delay but once you have used up 3 that's it.

There is an on board compressor which is always in the chain so maybe that could take the place of your dyna comp?

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That's weird. I had posted a reply to which mcbedall responded but now I can't see my earlier post. Perhaps it will reappear here soon - I won't attempt to recreate it.



EDIT: Ah... I see the problem. The topic was posted twice. See my response in the other thread with this same title.

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I apologize for the unfortunate mistake, but I had trouble connecting and did not know if the first topic was unsuccessful.

I understand now thanks to your answers and having "played" a bit with the program edit what are the "limits" of FIREHAWK fx than the pod hd500x.
I am still hesitant about where to buy the one hand I have a pre-packaged product by the excellent interface, on the other I have a product that has maximum versatility, but that certainly requires more time to be honed.
Some of you have made the switch from hd500x to FIREHAWK? as you have been found?
from what I read I think the sound quality is the same, confirmed?
I play mainly at home but I'd one day be able to start playing in small venues.
for completeness of the edit Silverhead
"Posted Today, 07:14 AM
You can do this to some extent but it is limited. Firehawk FX block assignments Within presets are fixed in some respects and flexible in others. For instance, every preset has to block Comp. You can reassign the type of compressor fatto che block, and relocate the block in the signal chain, but you can not replace the Comp with, say, an Overdrive block. Similarly every preset has a moveable but not replaceable Reverb block.
There are three (I think - or is it 4?) Fully flexible FX blocks in the chain. You can assign These to anything, I know you could have 3 Stomps, or 1 and 2 Stomp Delays, or any combination adding up to 3 (or 4?) FX blocks. But These Are the limits. Certainly you can not build in presets as you described above, with a total of 7 stomp, mod, and delay blocks.
You would be portatili build That preset on the Pod HD500X Which supports a total of up to 8 fully assignable FX blocks, but you might run into DSP capacity limitations. And you would have only one remaining block for all other FX types (EQ, reverb, volume, wah .....)."
Thanks for your help
I will keep you updated on the choice made.
good weekend everyone B)  B)
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It's worth bearing in mind if what you're trying to achieve is really necessary, are you going to use the distortion and overdrive at the same time? Or 3 delays at once ? Stuff like that would be totally lost in the mix live, but yeah it's fun to noodle stuff like that

Also there is an fx loop so if you still have your tubescreamer you could put that in the loop instead of using the modelled version

I had the hd500 and didn't get along with it all that well but many people love it, I'd say it's widely agreed that it's easier and quicker to get a good tone on the firehawk but the hd500 is much more flexible

There is also a cheat patch on the cloud that has 4 flex blocks instead of 3 , just do a tone search for "BJ Clean" you do lose the fx loop though

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Initially I thought that the fx you could move the blocks at will and decide the type (stomp, mod, deley. ...). I understand this topic and working on the app, which, rightly, he chose to help the guitarist not to make mistakes, preventing effects sequence to put some effects in "wrong" places, if you don't know what you are doing.


I think the choice of Line6 for fx is correct for someone like me its at home or could play in small venues.


the "limitations" of fx are actually concessions to achieve optimum rig without wasting too much time, while guaranteeing the quality of sound and immeditezza pedal adjustment via tablet.


HD 500 x is a machine maybe more comprehensive and flexible, but requires the use of a mac/pc, working on the pedal Board I think it's very uncomfortable and not paragonamile to the laptop.


However they are increasingly directed towards fx ... the rest I want to play guitar not spending hours in front of a computer.




Thank you

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Hey casaalb: I'm guessing you're Italian is that right!? Jim

I love the FH and have never used a pod500HD, but I did previously own a Line 6 multi effects amp (Spyder IV) and an M9 stomp box modeler that I also really loved. The FH gives you an incredible amount of flexibility from the app. It requires some playing around, but you'll see how it best works for you. Thanks.

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Hello Mcbeddall


I thought your help, I think is very good, but in Fx box loope would put the Dyna Comp after wha and before the dynamic stall.


I would do this for two reasons:


~ I saw that Fx shop there is HD TS9. While the compressors are not HD.


~ rev, eq and comp box are those who cannot move,


then I would use the Fx Loop to the box that I can't move on the line.


What do you think?





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Yeah that makes sense , the fx loop can move anywhere between wah (early in the chain) and reverb (late in the chain)

So if you put your physical compressor pedal in the fx loop you can have it wherever you prefer , either before the amp or after it


Another thought is if the tube screamer and compressor are effects that you have on most patches why not have both physical pedals in the fx loop and that leaves you 3 flex blocks still to use for extra distortions or delays etc

I say this because I use compressor and tubescreamer on every patch just to warm up the tone a bit

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