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Firehawk FX Assignmnet Blocks


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This may have been covered but I can't find anything. 

Currently there are only 3 "wildcard" slots for effects. For example I can assign OD, Chorus and Octave. The rest of the blocks are fixed (Reverb, EQ, etc).

IS THERE ANY PLAN for updating software so that this changes? For example, I could care less about having a dedicated FS for reverb as I am a Bassist and don't ever use Reverb! I'd rather be able to assign 2 OD's then Mod and then Filter.




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 Sometimes there are limits to what a processor can do, so it may have been the only way to make it work for most applications (but the three wildcards can be changed to allow for multiples of the same effect if you want).  However; your request can be submitted on ideascale so the developers are aware if your need.

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I posted this same ask in the Firehawk section, I wanted the 4th FLEX block.  On the Firehawk, which seems similar, you can unofficially get a patch that has 4 Flex blocks from an earlier firmware release, the edit and saves it yourself.


If we can convert Firehawk patches, I can try and convert, which will get us 4 flexible blocks.  The tone/patch is called "BJ Clean 1" under the Firehawk remote when you search the cloud for tones.



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