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Marshall JVM channel switching midi


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I think it's just a matter of setting the Marshall channel you want, pressing MIDI Learn switch on the JVM till it's blinking and then on the Helix, press the button you want to correspond with that JVM channel. The JVM MIDI light should blink fast and that's it. Just make sure on the Helix you are on another button from the one you want to program when you are ready to press the one you want to change the JVM.

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Ok, so I got it to set, and change channels.  The way I got it to work, and I'm not sure if this is the only way, or even the correct way, was to:


(With midi cable connected from "out" of Helix to the "in" of the JVM)


1. Go into to Command Center

2. Highlight the button you wish to set

3. Set "command" to Bank/Prog, "MIDI Ch" 1, "Bank CC00" 1, "Bank CC32" 1, "Program" 1

4. Push midi program on JVM twice "till it flashes"

5. Hold the button down that you just set up on the Helix.


After that, to set up another channel, i went to step #2 to select a new button, then #3 and made all the 1's a 2.  For the third channel button changed the 2's to a 3, an so on..


Where I'm now having a problem is, the LED won't stay lit when selected. So there is no way of visually seeing what channel the JVM is on without looking at the amp.  I can't for the life of me to get it to work any other way.  Hopefully I help some people with the setup, but its still a work in progress. 

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I also have a JVM and I created an entry in ideascape. Problem is the Helix can't send an PC message on reverting to unlit status so there is no way to know for sure after a bit of step dancing which stat is whixch (apart from listen :-) ).


To change the behavior in your case just add an  empty EQ, assign the switch to it, change the type from latching to momentary, delete the EQ and you set. But we are still stuck with the limits of the PC send setup. 


As you know if you change from channel 2 mode 1 to channel 2 mode 3 on the JVM there a fair increase in volume, at the moment the only way would be to have level parameter assign to the switch but than you need to work with the latching but again it runs in inconsitencies with switch status after not too long.....


Here's more

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Hi all, I know this isn't what this thread is about.


I'm really struggling to find a set-up that works well with the Marshall JVM 410H.  My JVM is about 4-5 years old and it wouldn't work with a TC G-System via the four cable method.  It doesn't like my TC Nova System in the loop either.


The only way I have been able to get a good sound is by using stompboxes.  However, we play lots of covers and I need a wide range of sounds and effects.  If I use stompboxes I'm tap dancing all night.  I thought about a boss ES-8 to control the pedals and switch the amp but people are having lots of trouble with the midi switching.


Here are a few questions...

1) Does the Helix work with the JVM via the 4 cable method?

2) Is it plug and play?

3) Is there any tone suck?

4) Does the midi switching work?


I'd really appreciate any answers, help or advice guys.  None of the guitar shops in my country keep the Helix in stock so I can't go in and test it with my amp.

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To answer the overall question of does the Helix work well with the JVM, is yes.  To answer another on of your questions "is it plug and play"...yes and no.  For me, the 4cm works out of the box well with the JVM.  What is somewhat tricky, for me at least, was finding the best way to take certain presets that other people had made and incorporate it into my setup.  You will need to use a 4cm preset to build off of to get the best out of the pedal and the amp.  I have a couple presets that I built that uses my clean, crunch orange, od red, and green distortion of my JVM210.  Helix does the channel switching for my amp.  There has been a lot of time spent finding out how to get it all to work, as when I started, not much was written on it.  You should be able to find enough to get you started by searching the forum.  There still isn't much talk on here about the JVM, so you won't have to look hard.  As far as tone suck, I don't notice any at all.  Just make sure any channel you are using on the jvm has the fx loop activated and the knob in the back of the JVM turned all the way up to wet.  The helix isn't the perfect machine out of the box. It is the perfect machine to make yours.  You can make it do ANY thing you want, it just takes the time. Don't give up and you will love it.

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I've trying to change my JVM channels using Snapshots on Helix but with no luck.

Can anyone please help me how to set it up?

NB: I only can change it using Preset and Pedal Mode on Helix 


This video may help you out. He starts specifically addressing snapshot MIDI setup at about 7:00 minutes in but the whole video is helpful for MIDI setup.


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I would venture that you can work directly on your Snapshot instant command. You simply need to select Sanphot 1 from any other snashots but 1 to send the MIDI PC saved in Snapshot 1. Prior to selecting you put the amp in learn mode. That should do it. 

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