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Setting up wah pedal in Helix


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An unusual question I'm sure.


Gave my helix its first run through my 2x12 yesterday using he 4CM.


Sounded pretty awesome in my opinion.

I essentially, used one of the pre-amp blocks before the Helix send and no cab emulation, I was rather impressed how well it transformed the sound.


One slight niggle I found was with my Wah pedal.


I have it position at the start of the chain, closely followed by a Minotaur and Angl Pre amp...


When I brought the Wah in, clarity was going out the window. It was pushing frequencies that quiete literally make the waters in my ears move, not pleasant.


On the global EQ I had original planned setting the high cut as low as 10kHz. But I may have to bring it down further when using with my 2x12 combo.


Originally I used just the standard fassal wah... And the setting sounded good through the studio monitors.


I wound up switching to the Chrome pedal. With 400hz lows and 1.2kHz highs.... I set the mix to 50%....

(High focus was around 2,2kHz as standard, but that was the point where my ears were dying.)


This definitely took part of the shrillness away.


Has anybody else come across how sharp the Wahs are?

I would've liked to have achieved a wah similar to Zakk Wyld... Or Petrucci...

Don't seem to be even close at the moment :3


Having said the above, our bass player was at a wedding, so perhaps next week everything will cut through in the right place...

Just seemed like unexpected behaviour

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It's an absolute MUST that you set the "mix" of all wahs at 42 to 53 percent depending upon which one.  No if's and's or buts.  All wahs at 100% sound like effects from a horror movie.  Do it - you'll see the difference immediately.  Of course you should still set your sweep to taste as well.

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Thanks London....

50/50 is the way forward... I think I initially used 70% mix.... but changed it at practice down to what you suggested.

I lowered the upper FC freq down from 2.2kHz.... and it took the edge of the sharp highs....


I wonder if it's one of those things. Maybe I still need to adjust the global EQ further, using wider Q settings in the higher are.

I have noticed a LOT of pick attack in all of my tones.

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