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  1. Switch to RF1 it is more reliable Google on how to. It's a strange procedure
  2. See my post I would stay away The fact that not a single person has jumped in to defend it tells you all you need to know I'm a big fan of the G30 and I've done a side by side comparison with the G70 and it has more range and more reliability than the G70 which is expensive but with a lot of issues I really regret buying mine (and I have a line 6 pa,Helix etc) Most of the time the stuff is excellent. This is a turkey. They should withdraw it. It's not fit for purpose
  3. Bought one of each as an upgrade to my tortured G30s I'm really disappointed in the lack of range and drop outs I'm experiencing I ran the G30s for 7 years with virtually no problem 2 gigs in with the G70 and I have a third of the range and dropout galore Updated the firmware Have done the nonsense scan (that I didn't have to do with the G30) and still poor performance Having read up on some of the issues here I'm curious to know Is this it? Working as expected just worse than the unit 1/3rd the price
  4. Sometimes the connector comes loose and just needs reseated Have had to do that to the odd L2 over the years It's a molex type connected behind the front panel
  5. I've been a long term g30 user and never had an issue Upgraded to a g70 and a pair of transmitters Had a drop out mid gig NEVER had that with 7 years of G30 Range was about a third of the G30 in the same venue Very disappointed. It's a downgrade !
  6. The Yamaha THR10 switched power supplies after it was originally launched because people were getting earth buzzes Does your PSU have a cassette type cable or a kettle lead If it is the former the PSU needs changed
  7. fukuri

    Helix Vs. AX8

    It would if that was even remotely what I was saying
  8. Oh and this (before I changed the Fryettes for the Marshall)
  9. Hey I don't post here so much , but I don't use a Freyette powerstation ... I use two and a couple of orange 1x12s loaded with neo creambacks. Great stereo rig and very versatile When I'm out with the PA I use a Marshall 9100 instead of the freyettes (only because I have one racked in the same box as the mixer Sounds equally as good... I run 1/4 to the Freyettes. Full amp models no cab sims. For FOH I have a split just before the end with a dual cab and an EQ block. Here is a pic of my patch. Sorry I can't embed with the iPad
  10. This isn't a purely helix issue btw every 4CM unit I have used has this to some degree you need to isolate the line between the helix and the return A give you and isolated signal and break the ground loop
  11. Hi folks I've done a lot of searches but come up blank I think I have a blown speaker in my L3s It makes a horrible overloaded farty noise with the kick drum Levels and gain are fine I can't find any info on replacement drivers for these Does anyone know if there is a drop in replacement It's heavy and inconvenient to ship to a service centre for a fairly simple repair
  12. Three options (well four but I'll come on to that) Option 1 use your amp heads FX return (bypasses the preamp) and eq to taste Option 2 get a dedicated power amp like a matrix or a Fryette (or my personal favourite a Marshall 9100) Option 3 get a line 6 stage source or some other FRFR (full range speaker) Option 4 ignore the amp modelling use your amp and have a kick lollipop effects box
  13. Before you do that I would try putting a lehle psplit or a gigrig humdinger in the loop 4cm can introduce a ground loop so you can break it by having an isolated output in place
  14. press in the knob for mix and click learn controller move your exp pedal and set your min and max parameters (I do 15 -45 %) go back to the delay and press the knob for time .. do the above Repeat for feedback the exp pedal will move all the parameters for you
  15. If you are having trouble cutting through a big whack of midrange usually helps Try whacking up the mid control in the amp model and apply a low and high cut
  16. fukuri

    Routing Help

    You could Assign the volume of exp 1 to send 1 and exp2 to send 2 Or do what I did and buy some long speaker cables and rack mount the Amps (Doesn't work for combos though...)
  17. fukuri

    Routing Help

    You could Assign the volume of exp 1 to send 1 and exp2 to send 2 Or do what I did and buy some long speaker cables and rack mount the Amps (Doesn't work for combos though...)
  18. I'm in the me too camp Every pedal loop switch I have ever used does top to bottom :) One of Helixs 'quirks'
  19. You can generate feedback from anything Certainly you shouldn't have too much problem from that rig. If you have it setup permanently you should mark the floor for your favourite spots to stand for certain frequencies (Vai does that at sound checks) A guitar cab should do it for ever And FRFR setup fine at moderate volumes for brief periods I would have thought the danger would be to the tweeter although they are generally quite robust These days you can get a Line6 L3t for the same price as an L2t and if you aren't having to lug them anywhere these are outstanding with guitar and electronic kits (I use mine with my 2 box)
  20. you probably want to switch off the cab modelling I would put an EQ block in my presets and save Global EQ for when I am having a problem and in a hurry (i.e. at a gig) where I have to carve some EQ across all my patches at once I don't use it as a matter of course
  21. If this was indeed terminal to the mic input then it would be nice to have an indicator of state and perhaps a button for switching on and off which wasn't buried in global settings
  22. You get many kudos points for real world experience and extra bonus points for not using the abbreviation 'verbs
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