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Helix and Pro Tools


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Hooked up my Helix last night with help from the forum. I seemed to have correctly loaded all firmware I need for my iMac and am trying to use the Helix as the interface for my DAW instead of my 11Rack. Everything is fine in Logic. I can see and load the Helix as an input on an audio track. It records great - no issues. In Pro Tools however, cannot see the Helix as an input option, all I can see is my Eleven Rack which is still connected USB like the Helix. Any thoughts from successful Helix Pro Tools users?

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That is the big problem. Helix is not showing up as an option in my playback engine choices. The only option is my 11 Rack. Can't figure this out.


Just a thought, that maybe worth a shot in the dark. How about creating a Pro Tools Aggregate I/O device which includes the Helix - see if Pro Tools can see it then!

Oh, yeah – if ya ain't already done it – always worth giving the Mac a reboot!

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In case it hasn't been done.

Is your Pro Tools license reliant on your 11R? 


If it isn't, then this is what I would try.  

Disconnect the 11R from the PC/MAC completely.  Have all studio monitors, and connections routed from the Helix, instead of the 11R.  Use the Helix USB to your MAC.


Now go to your audio panel (I use PC not MAC, so I don't know exactly what it will be called) make sure that the default, or one selected is the Helix. This way your MAC knows its your Helix that is the soundcard, and not the 11R.


Then open ProTools. Try again.



I don't use PT, or MAC, so I am just trying to convert some PC trouble shooting steps for you.   They may not even be relevant. 


However when I get my Helix, I will be replacing my 11R (yes I use one they are great) and I use FL Studio 12.  They work great together, but when I get my Helix it will be an easy swap in and out, using the steps I have written above.


Hope you get it working for ya. The Helix is a routing monster compared to the 11R, and I mean that in a good way.

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Thx everyone, it was suggested in the ProTools forum to delete the PT Preferences Folder in my iMac hard drive. After that, the Helix showed up in the Playback Engine choices. Not sure that deleting the Preferences folder actually did it, the Helix is there and I can now put it through its paces. Hope that helps someone.

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