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Do the mags on a JTV have a direct analog path to the 1/4" jack?

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Just wondering, on the JTV series are the mag pickups independent of the electronics? ie, do they have a direct path from the mags to the 1/4 socket or are the mags dependent on the Variax electronics.  I know there's only the single volume and tone knobs but not sure if they're concentric pots so they control the mags and variax signals independently or whether the mags are mixed on the main board.



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Yes - the mags have a direct analog path to the 1/4" output. They do not depend on the electronics. You can use the JTV as a standard guitar without the modeling and without powering the electronics. The Vol and Tone knobs, as well as the pickup selector switch, will continue to work as you expect.

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I beg to differ, but it is not a direct path - it goes through a relay.


If it didn't then you could never get just model (e.g. Acoustic) out of the Jack without having the Mags as well.


What happens is that when modelling is switched off - including when there is no power - the relay goes into it's "off" position which gives you the magnetic pick-ups directly to the Jack socket.  When powered the relay is switched to open that circuit and instead feed the magnetics/models from the active circuitry to the Jack.


Either way the guitar works just like any other electric guitar when there is no power, so unlike the old Variax's there is always a fall-back 

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1 hour ago, twango60 said:

I have JTV59p & tone control doesn't work on the mags , only the models


Unfortunate, but whatever the issue is, it's unlikely that it's related to this discussion. Open a support ticket, and they'll tell you how to proceed.

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