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Hello Community!


I'm a new LTV-69 owner and had a question about using the magnetic pickups. 


When I don't have the modeling turned on with the 1/4" cable being used through my guitar amp, my guitar hardly makes any sound. I have to crank the volume of my amp way up just to hear anything. If i turn on the modeling pickup, I can have the amp volume on 2 and I hear it well.

I did have it connected to a HD500X so maybe I sent a configuration to the guitar that is causing this issue?


Any suggestions? 



Thank you!



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A regular guitar cable works just fine with a JTV into an amp.  No TRS required or wanted unless you are using the external power supply which does not come with a JTV.  The mags should be plenty loud without even installing the battery.  Try removing it.

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Read the manual on that one, all my floor FX, I have it set to "don't force",

so the JTV runs on it's own patches and setting that I set, and not what the

floor FX default is. There's a thing about it in one of the online the ops manuals.


Set-Up > scroll down to Variax Options > Enable or Disable  for further info.

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If you're going to use contact cleaner, spray it on a cotton swab and use that.

Do not go spraying inside that jack.


Didn't think of that and it didn't take much.  Just a quick squirt and then a couple minutes inserting and removing a cable.  At least it was Deoxit D5.  Next time I'll take your advice for sure.


A brand new guitar should not need any treatment to make it work!  Send it back.


True, but some of these "new" JTV's were produced as far back as 2013.


Regardless, cleaning the jack fixed mine.  Before I cleaned it, it wasn't even putting out enough volume to use a tuning pedal.

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I took my Variax to Stringed Instrument Services ( - they are an authorized Line 6 repair center). They discovered a few bad connections. The guitar works GREAT now!  Pickups are loud as is the modeling pickup. 

If you are in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend SIS for guitar and amp repairs! (they do authorized repairs for many music stores in the area!).

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