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Acoustic Sounds Get Worser From Update To Update?

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Thanks for re-loading that file on Soundcloud. Much easier to get to there. The sounds are definitely different, it’s subtle, but it’s there. In this recording it sounds to me that the midrange in the 2nd section is a little muffled & woofy for lack of a better term. It has a sort of an unusual character to it, and not really authentically acoustic sounding. To me, the 1st examples have some of the same midrange tone to them, but to a lesser degree, and they do sound a little better in this clip, a little thinner and clearer.


   I started to notice this in my own acoustic patches recently. I wasn’t really aware of it before, and was pretty happy with the acoustic sounds, but there is this midrange overtone to them just like in your example. Something that maybe needs to be EQ’ed out to make it sound better. Unfortunately I am not an expert at EQ, and I don’t have a definitive answer, but I’m sure there are a few EQ bands that need to be adjusted to get this midrange honk out, and that it would improve the acoustic tone.

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here is another comparison I just found on youtube.

Now please , pay attention  to the acoustic sounds.

This guy is playing strumming a very simple  passage could be found in 100 songs.

To me the HD acoustic sounds are just ......un-swallowable  if there's such a word. 

My understand is ....which top 40 songs can we hear (or imagine) that an acoustic guitar (strummed) was recorded  with a mic ???  

Well the answer my be very low specially if you keep in mind the core of my question...strumming. None.....or a few which are mostly  a suave blend of mic + piezo


The HD 2.10 ; IMO offers an excessive mid hump on acoustic which is a trade off , only benefiting lead soloing or specific styles of fingerpicking, or music the guitar is featured on its own. Forget strumming or siting nicely in a band mix , nor even singing along will sweeten the annoyance.


The option of  Eq-uing frequencies out will just stuff-up  the other models when plugged straight into a mixer or acoustic amp. 


Buying a Pod Hd ( spending your cash and adding gear to set up in a gig) in order to try to get the eq on the acoustics right is just ridiculous since they will never sound like the previews model. The solution should be simpler

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