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  1. Good Luck I could not find any authorized centre familiar with the eletronics I remember opening a ticket and it pointed to Turramurra music Contacted them and they would not touch the electronics. If you find a solution or miracle please tell us the saint
  2. Hey Parkissian, do you think it would be possible to split the signal coming from the piezos before it goes to the motherboard processor? I'm thinking if such mod is possible then one would be able to finally have the pure piezo signal and feed it to a separate output (preamped) or connected together on a stereo female jack in order to have both worlds combined. Just wondering if that is possible?
  3. Lol I won? no mate I'm about to loose hundred of dollars. I had it on ebay last year for 3 months $180 off the price paid ( I only used it for a month) and nothing, nada. Only one person asking I if could reduce even more. Anyway I will have too if I want to sell it. Anyway as I said before, I'm not here to infuriate any Warmoth fun boys nor support Line 6 . To me honestly, whatever suits you best cruisinon2 ...As in the end the most important thing is to be able to get the message through with our instrument. The audience, producers, entertainment managers, do not care what type of gear we use . Be it a warmoth or a squire neck if it feels comfortable in your hands and you can make it sound good than that is a keeper!!
  4. Sorry to me it is what is. A) their jumbo is not the same size as strat , and way lower than JTV. Fact! B) refreting the neck is expensive . The neck + refretting = buying another intrument if the buyer is unhappy. Fact!! Now here is where I did a mistake and warmoth had NO fault hence am sharing my experience here: A) I ordered their famous compound radius. The literature around this concept didn't work for me , sorry B) I chose roasted maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. As I'm a proud user of firmware 1.71, the acoustic gained more omph for struming and finger comping but lost sustain as the roasting (as advised on their web) makes the wood much lighter. That combinaning with low jumb fret stoped the guitar fron singing and easy of slides and made the piezo more clickey. With modeling was more obvius as more friction and fingerboard thump noise was added. In a nutshell, i wish there was more open unbiased discussion on warmoth necks before I bought it. So i could order accordingly and consider what applies to me. All I could find was fun boys prasing them top to toe. My own stupid mistake
  5. Ok my advise to the new neck club if considering warmoth neck replacement But before any fans of warmoth vents their anger at me, this is was my own experience. Okay if you currently like the sustain, the freets, and the easy of runs (due to the flat radius) on your original 69 jtv . Make sure you order warmoth tallest fret because their jumbo does not match the height of the variax. In another words, when building your neck keep what you like the same and ONLY chancge what you don't. If you are unhappy with the E string sliping of , then only change that. Because if you go bananas with the literature ,You will loose sustain and the models and electry will sound very thumpy/click as your fingers will have a much closer contact on the finger board as their jumbo frets are way smaller. Do not get the compound radius if you like your runs. I did that mistake and now the original is back and i will sell the warmoth....yep is hard to sell this necks. In case you dont like what you ordered be prepared to loose hundreds However if the music you play is metal, punk or junk with heaps of distrotion. Then dusregard my post. Cheers
  6. Lol all this bulllollipop about warranty, I swaped my 69s with the dimarzio's areas after just 3 days lol Bought the pack on ebay, it actually costed cheaper on a strat pickgard as apparently the seller wasn't allowed to ship just the pickups. Bye bye noise if that is what you want
  7. ok, I've been working on this for a while. The sound of the pure piezo is actually great . To have a try just do a roll back and update again on monkey and as you update pull the variax cable out. bang ther is your piezo , however the volume is very low and if you bump it u on your mixer you will get a bit of hiss, useless in my opinion as you only get that sound. I was so unsatisfied with HD acoustics ( much prefer the old 1.71 acoustics)that now I'm able to run both worlds on my variax. It was a series of software hack trials and errors you name it. It's been up and running now for 3 months now and I could not be happier. As they say in real life, happy wife = happy life. to me it is, happy guitarist/singer = great gigs. It now suits me very well as I am able to have the old acoustics along with the rest of HD. I'm still working on having just the piezos though. How I did it? Well, for the past year a friend and I have lost a months and way too many sleepiness night. Ok in another words line 6 can not unify the firmware. Do not waste your precious time requesting features. Due to initial conceptual legacy and software development + ownership the company has been taken court and lost the cases hence the new variax standard is locked at HD and at Yamaha hands now . The rest of the story we already know. Although I'm full aware of software manipulating is illegal it was done for personal preferences sake since there is no other alternative. Soon I will be posting a link for those interested in loading both worlds ( I call it BHD).
  8. Well, am just re-reading my post and trying hard to find where I said I didn't care about fret size.. Well I will try emailing again, but I doubt they will do anything
  9. A Warmoth neck will fit a jtv with no sweat. I had mine superwide neck in for a few months now, and off it is of my gfuitar now and will be on ebay asap. Whilst I like the woodier acoustic tones ( Yes it does change the Tone folks please don't get me started with def tone theories) the fretsize are smaller than on my JTV. I made sure to choose 6150 which they claim was the standard Jumbo so I thought well, if my Jtv has got medium Jumbos I will be happier with Jumbo frets. What a bullshiet overpraised and overpriced company. I sent them an email asking if they accidentally did a mistake (provided clear high reso photos of the fret )and OF Coarse they NEVER replied. It is a shame no other company anywhere in the world offers the same wide neck with competitive prices. I absolute hate when things are like that, can't wait for another company to give them a good run for the money
  10. I haave the same issue and re-flashing , re-wrapping, re-watering or praying will not make this lollipop go away. one way I found for it not to upset me at gigs is to make the drop D tuning standard so in case this mother flickering happens on a gig I will still be in tune. However the flicking will cause a very audible click that will dive your sound guy made . Another way I found is to live the switch on model. I know this is not a solution by any means. If anyone knows how to fix it please let us know, but please bare in mind re-flashing or updating will not fix it. I am on firmware 1.71 as I love the acoustics and even did the disgusting update to HD just to see if that would get rid of the problem but nah...still there
  11. My 20 c , roll back to firmware 1.71 and tweak with workbench 1.75. Plenty of sounds and great acoustics. But if you are a rock and roller/metal player and relies on podhd integration to change effects with tone knob then just be patient and keep tweaking with workbench HD 2.10 to something that suits your style. Good luck
  12. I got just got a superwide warmoth rosewood fingerboard and cooked maple . Why suffer with little spaces just because of warranty, get it solved and keep the creativity flowing
  13. sdeverall You will never be able to sound any closer to the acoustics but maybe will get the electric guitars sounding a bit alike. This demo was around November 2010 and only posted early 2011. The guy is using firmware 1.71 . If your guitar has the latest HD 2.10 you will never ever sound like that specially the acoustics, don't waste your time. Also the best sound for your acoustics on amplify is to select 'no amp' , but whish you best of luck with firmware 2.10 as it will still sound horrible for strumming. I do hear you when you say strumming sounds really harsh. Reason is the HD 2.10 firmware gives all acoustic a mid boost while cutting the highs + low frequencies. Oh that also makes octave down sound nasal and horrible IMO. So believe it or not . All these "enhancements" were to get the acoustics to sound mic-up. Although the new acoustics can be great for soloing/finger picking or playing pieces where the guitarist is alone on a mountain in Tibet. It just doesn't do any good for strummers. Simply put, I never heard a top 40 song where strummed acoustics sounded mic-up or even resembled any of the acoustics on HD. Anyway this point alone could generate another post. The solution to sound like the guy in the video is to roll back to firmware 1.71 and wait until line 6 makes previews acoustic available on HD. Wishful thinking but we gotta have faith, don't we? .
  14. Hi kevin11007 Attached is my bundle for workbench 1.75 (firmware 1.71) these are the sounds I use and they work great for my purposes. I'm definitely not going back to HD. The only thing missing IMO on this workbench is the option to blend mags ( I have Dimarzio's area 58,67,61) and the option of clean piezo. That is not even available on HD anyway.. I got a friend who is a computer nerd and he said he wants to give it a go next week and perhaps reverse some codes in order to get the raw piezo sound through . I have my fingers crossed. As I have the Dimarzios on I didin't really care about the spank bank. The original spank sounds nothing like the dimarzios, which is great as it gives me more options. However the other day I was wishing I could get a similar tone I get on neck position with my area 58 through the simulation as I like tuning the E- A string an octave down and wanted something to sound like my mags. It took me a while but I finally found something that is close, check out the bank Special position 4 - 5 . The names are pretty self explanatory , the teles have the tone knob bite trick ( not existent on HD) Ok just remember to save whatever patches you already so you don't mess up what already works for you. If one or two of these sounds suits you, save it individually on your computer. You can add it to your already saved sounds when you start workbench again. Cheers Zedopeido_Variax_96s_bundle.zip
  15. Hey kevin11007 not to fear man, make sure you rollback to firmware 1.71 and not 1.7 and the latest version workbench version for that firmware is 1.75. if you have other versions it won't work properly. Just try reflating again it shouldn't be a problem with these two. I got my variax just a 6 months ago with the new 2.0 hd already installed when I rolled back to 1.71 I was instantly in love with the acoustic. Also I tweaked a few jazz sounds and pretty dam authentic strat sounds. Later one if you wish to check it out I can email you my workbench bungle. Cheers
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