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3 questions about Helix LT


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I've had an HD500X for a few years and I use it live with my electric and acoustic guitars. My electric guitar is plugged in the Guitar In input and I use the XLR Outs.  My acoustic guitar is plugged in the Aux input and it outputs through the FX Send.  Can I do something similar with the Helix LT since there's no Aux input?


One thing I do not like on the HD500X (a good unit nonetheless!) is that there's no switch under the Wah pedal, i.e. I have to assign the Wah to a foot switch, press it and put my foot on the wah and that is not convenient for me.  Is there a switch under the Wah pedal to activate/deactivate it on the Helix LT?


When I use my HD500X between my amp and my guitar it changes the sound of the amp (more treble, less body) whatever the setting I choose on the HD500X (studio direct, front of amp, etc.).  Is it the same with the Helix LT?  Or is the LT completely transparent?


Are there specific IRs included in the LT for acoustic guitar?


Thank you!



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You can plug your acoustic into one of the returns.


There is a switch beneath the expression pedal.


Helix should be transparent.


It does not come with any IRs. (although you can download the Allure cab pack for free.) (also, I think 3 Sigma has acoustic IRs for like 10 bucks.)

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I'm sorry to say that you have been doing it wrong all the time. The HD500X DOES have a switch under the Expression pedal! So does Helix, of course.

If there's a switch it does not work however hard I press on the pedal.  That's weird because I bought my HD500X new and have never used that switch.  The Wah is working but there's no way to activate/deactivate it with a toe switch.

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The toe switch is renound for the hard rubber (probably a polyurethane) under the switch that requires standing up and pressing down with lots of weight to engage it. Some shave the rubber or you could soften the rubber with some kind of solvent. Or just learn how much is required, More then is expected that is for sure.


Some amps do sound shrill on the HD models and I have found selecting preamp models in the amp or changing the output mode to Combo or Stack then attenuating the high a fair bit and lowereing the focus to the low mid area helps it sound more like it should.

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Yes there is a kind of clunk when you press hard enough and the light changes to show which one is engaged.

It should be noted that there is very little chance you can engage it with your hand alone if it is new or never used much.

You got to tread with your weight on the toe. You will feel like it is too much force for the unit but it is solid and takes it okay.

I had the same issue when I bought mine. Many others too!

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Thank you.  I think I might shave the rubber.  I press very heavily but nothing happens.  Should I hear some sort of clicking noise?


You do have to press down firmly before the wah engages, as in you generally want to be standing up and give it a good hard press. You probably already have this set up properly but thought I would mention that you need to make sure you have a wah block set up properly in your preset. The switch on the expression pedal does not make a resounding click (which IMHO is a good thing). If your preset is not setup properly with a wah block it may actually be 'clicking' over without you hearing the click but is not properly setup to activate the wah.


I would strongly recommend waiting a while to either get used to the the switch, or for it to "work in" and perhaps soften up a bit before I went and trimmed anything or applied a softening agent. The Helix also has an auto-engage function if you prefer not to use the switch at all. You can also use snapshots to switch to a snapshot that has the Wah or other effect assigned to the expression pedal already engaged; that way you don't require the expression pedal switch.


Here is a blurb from the firmware notes on the "auto enable" function:

Auto Enable/Bypass blocks from EXP 1/2/3 and Variax Volume/Tone Knobs—Processing blocks (such as Wah, Pitch Wham, etc.) can now be enabled/bypassed by simply moving EXP 1, EXP 2, EXP 3, or Variax’s Volume or Tone knob. Press MENU and then Knob 1 (Bypass Assign). Turn Knob 1 (Switch) to select the desired switch. When selecting a continuous controller as a switch, Knob 2 (Position) and Knob 3 (Wait) appear.

Bypass Assign > Position—Position determines the location in the Exp Pedal or Variax knob’s travel where the block is engaged. For example, if set to 1%, the block will turn off as soon as the pedal is moved to the heel position. If set to 99%, the block will only turn on when the pedal is moved to the toe position. To swap the on/off state regardless of position, press the BYPASS button.

Bypass Assign > Wait—Wait determines how long it takes after the Exp Pedal or Variax Knob is moved below the Position location before the block turns off. For example, you may not want the Wah to turn off instantly every time you hit the heel position during your big funk solo. Also, does your song really need a big funk solo?

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