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The engineers of Line 6 have work because there is something to do with the POD HD PRO X and the pedal board FBV3.


1) Turn on COLORS LEDs: this becomes essential to distinguish the effects between Dynamics, Distortions, Delays, Modulations ...


2) Why there are the FS1 to FS5 switches on the FBV3 pedals and which do not correspond to the FS1 to FS5 of the POD HD PRO X?!? ... There is a bug to correct. Or you could not write anything on the FBV3... It is ridicules ti see FS2 on FBV3 assign to the FS3 in the POD HD PRO X...


3) Why is the FS1 switch automatically assigned to the Looper?!? And if I do not like this Looper and I hate to play with a Lopper, you have to allow me to attribute this FS1 pedal (on the FBV3) to a complementary effect. It will be an effect more than I can use under foot.


4) Why not allow the FUNCTION switch to either go into Looper mode (which I will NEVER use) or switch on external Loops Effects. At least I will have effects from switch FS1 to switch FS5.


Go wake up and change it very quickly. We guitarists, we need these clear and simple modifications to implement our music.


I am sure (by what is only programming) that in 2 months come in this can be solved. Because of this, the POD HD PRO X and the FBV3 pedalboard can be used optimally with these two best equipment : POD HD PRO X and FBV3 Pepalboard.


Many thanks in advance.



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This is from the Line 6 website;


Compatible Products

Spider V

Firehawkâ„¢ 1500




AMPLIFi® 150



Spider® IV HD150*

Spider IV 15, 30, 75, 120, 150*

Spider Valve Mkii*

Spider III HD150, HD75

Spider III 75, 120, 150

Spider Jam


* When using the FBV 3 with the Spider IV and Spider Valve MKII series, the FBV 3 cannot be used as the interface to update or edit the amps with your computer. The FBV MKII pedals (Shortboard and Express) must be used for that functionality. Assignable color LEDs available for use with Firehawk 1500 & Spider V only. LEDs are red when FBV 3 is used with other Line 6 products. Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


I agree with you in that it's not clear enough, but it does say there that the LEDs only work with the Firehawk & Spider V, albeit hidden in the small print. I made the same mistake with my old Spider IV.


As for the function switches, FS1 is assigned to the compressor, as FS5 is assigned to reverb with 2-4 being customisable. The function switch does indeed work as the looper.


The first thing you should do is get yourself the right USB cable and using the Line6 updater get onto the newest firmware. Without it, and when I used it with the Spider IV, it was completely useless!

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I don't really care about the color of the LEDs on the footswitches (although it would be nice to have it work with the POD HD Pro X), but the assigning of the F1 switch to the looper also has me burned. I also don't use the looper and would be more happy to assign the F1 and F5 functions to different effects rather than being stuck staying away from the F1 button for fear of activating the looper. The FBV3 is supposed to be an UPGRADE. Luckily, I still have my old FBV Shortboard (although it has 1 less function switch). Can the powers that be at Line 6 please make an upgrade patch for the POD HD Pro X that disables the looper (removes it from the signal chain) and allows the function buttons to ALL be programmed on the FBV3?

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Just got the FBV 3 and the POD HD PROX to replace my old Digitech GSP1101 that finally died after years of gigging and what some would call abuse... Gotta say, I'm a bit disappointed that apparently the only way to not accidently hit the looper button (FS1) is to use a bottle cap to cover it. (smh). All this brain power at Line 6, and the best we can do is duck tape and a bottle cap? did I just waste 800 bucks?

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2 hours ago, Jaw0496 said:

I just got a duoverb head and cab and put my fvb3 longboard on it and only can get afew affects out of it what im doing wrong...thanks for any help..


The Duoverb only has a few built-in effects. It has reverb, of course, and the FBV will let you access way and volume. That’s all there is.

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