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  1. You'll need the Spider remote app to upload and download tones/presets to the tone cloud. In answer to your other question, without elaborating too much, no.
  2. Ditto, my 240 combo, beyond the 12 o'clock position is bone-shakingly loud, it doesn't sound right that yours isn't. It also sounds like you've got a further problem, perhaps with the main board. It's under warranty & you've only had it 2 months. I'd demand a new one from your retailer, and/or open a ticket with Line 6. Good luck!
  3. This is from the Line 6 website; Compatible Products Spider V Firehawk™ 1500 POD® HD Pro POD HD Pro X POD HD AMPLIFi® 150 AMPLIFi 75 AMPLIFi TT Spider® IV HD150* Spider IV 15, 30, 75, 120, 150* Spider Valve Mkii* Spider III HD150, HD75 Spider III 75, 120, 150 Spider Jam * When using the FBV 3 with the Spider IV and Spider Valve MKII series, the FBV 3 cannot be used as the interface to update or edit the amps with your computer. The FBV MKII pedals (Shortboard and Express) must be used for that functionality. Assignable color LEDs available for use with Firehawk 1500 & Spider V only. LEDs are red when FBV 3 is used with other Line 6 products. Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. I agree with you in that it's not clear enough, but it does say there that the LEDs only work with the Firehawk & Spider V, albeit hidden in the small print. I made the same mistake with my old Spider IV. As for the function switches, FS1 is assigned to the compressor, as FS5 is assigned to reverb with 2-4 being customisable. The function switch does indeed work as the looper. The first thing you should do is get yourself the right USB cable and using the Line6 updater get onto the newest firmware. Without it, and when I used it with the Spider IV, it was completely useless!
  4. For what it's worth, I bought the 120 and played it at home, sometimes through the speaker, sometimes through headphones. There was a noticeable difference in the output quality between the two, particularly with it being a mono speaker. I decided to return it and swopped it for the 240, and I'm very glad I did. The amp sounds so much better, and it works at low volumes (I'm typically around the 9 o'clock position) and if you push the volume it sounds awesome. If you need it, the V 240 will go seriously loud. Whatever you decide, and if you are a bit of a newby to it all like me, it is worth watching these two videos on how to use the semi-parametric EQ, it's a must because of the full-range speakers, and will transform the way you can make the amp sound. Good luck whatever you decide!
  5. Thought as much, 3 effects looks like all you can do. Oh well, thanks again.
  6. It does, thanks very much. Would I be right in saying then that you can't add more than 3 FX in the chain? The Adrian Smith template, for example, has a tube screamer, 2 types of modulation and a delay. I'm guessing 4 into 3 won't go, as I can't see a way to change the reverb or compressor channels? Thanks again for you advice!
  7. Hey guys, Just a quick one. I've been taking a look at the equipment tabs stacked at the top of this very forum and am trying to figure out how to add two types of modulation to a chain via the app. I'm sure there must be someway to do it but for the life of me I can't figure it out. Any ideas? ps This is where the app falls down for me....no damn info on how to use the thing! Cheers.
  8. What device are you using? If it's iOS it needs to be a device that takes a lightning connector (older than iPhone 5 or iPad 4 is a no go), and running the latest software. I don't know about Android but I believe you need an adapter and it plugs into the other port. I've used an iPad Pro and it works just fine, although it takes a few seconds to find the app. Having banged my head with Line6 stuff in the past, you need to get the firmware updated as soon as you can, which you can either do through the settings in the app, or using your laptop and the 'other' USB port. If it's still a problem sign out of the app, delete it, hard reset your iOS device, download the app, sign in then try again! Good luck, I like the app, it's pretty intuitive & it makes editing & creating tones miles easier. ps The presets aren't great, and require tweaking to your liking. Think of them as foundations for building on.
  9. I just started a new topic on this, then saw this thread. Has anyone managed to return anything other than exactly 30 results when searching the cloud for tones? I assume there are thousands out there, but I only ever get 30 back!
  10. Hi all, Just a quick one. In the Spider 5 app, when searching the cloud for tones, all I ever get is exactly 30 results, whatever I search for. It's the same on every demo I've seen of it. Is there a way to search for more, or have Line 6 capped the search number for some reason? Seems a bit daft if so! Cheers
  11. I have to say, I agree with you. I'm using it with a Spider IV and am more than a bit annoyed that the LED feature (which is heavily featured in the marketing of the product) doesn't work. I'm even more annoyed that I can't update the amp firmware via the pedal! This stuff needs to be much clearer in the marketing blurb.
  12. Hey, thanks for replying. The amp is fine, it's definitely the board. I've just got a USB cable and will try and update the firmware. If that doesn't work it can go back as it's clearly duff. Literally none of the switches do anything. The reason I got this was because if I want to upgrade my amp in the future I'd rather not have to buy a new board at the same time. Any other suggestions or similar experiences? Many thanks. *EDIT* So I've updated the firmware on the board and for now, it once more appears to be working. Hopefully it will remain that way. I'm still a bit annoyed that I can't update the firmware on my amp via the FBV 3, and that the LEDs are not working, but it's a start I guess.
  13. It is meant to be compatible, it says so right there in that document! I don't know if I've somehow got it into some sort of function other than just simply switching between banks but given there is zero documentation (and I have to call a foreign country for any sort of tech support), and turning it on/off has no effect, I'm completely lost. Is there a way to factory reset the mk3?
  14. Hi all. I've just purchased an FBV 3 board to go with my Spider IV 75. Firstly, I'm not happy that all the literature I've read before purchasing says the board is compatible with the amp. In reality, as I'm sure many of you are finding, this board is barely properly compatible with anything. Aside from the LEDs not working as advertised, I can't use it to update the firmware on the amp (WTF not?!). I also can't update the firmware on the board at the moment because despite it costing just £20 less than the amp itself, there is no USB cable included. How cheap can you get? I was prepared to make my peace with all that until I plugged it in and found, basically, that it didn't work. I'd have been better off playing catch with a kitchen knife than using the supplied manual, so after much pushing of buttons, and turning on & off suddenly, and for no obvious reason, it started working just fine. That was until I dared to use the tuner via the board. Since then basically every button is either unresponsive or takes 6-7 presses to have any effect. The pedal does not switch between volume & wah. I've tried another Ethernet cable which has had no effect. I might just have been unlucky and got a duff product, but I've read enough to suggest not. Can anyone suggest any way for me to fix it, or suggest why I should keep something that is, essentially, useless. I'm just glad I've kept the packaging. Thanks for your help/advice.
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