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Midi in snaphots

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I own a Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 36 and I am using it via the 4 cable method with my Helix. The Tubemeister can be controlled via Midi – I succeeded in changing the Tubmeister's sound from Clean to Crunch and Lead with the footswitches in Helix. I used the CommandCenter to assign the footswitches to the amp's channels.


But what I want to do either is to create different sounds with the Helix‘ snapshot feature. Is it possible to send an Midi command (e. g. for the Clean channel) to the amp when activating Snapshot 1, another Midi command (e. g. for the Crunch channel) on Snapshot 2, etc.? I did not find any option to assign a Midi command to a snapshot …


Thanks for your answers!



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Yeah, easy. The Instant Commands are per-snapshot, so just go into each snapshot and change them as necessary. And don't forget to save!

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