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Vetta Patch Question(s)


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When using L6 Edit the patches loaded on the Vetta appeared in the right hand column.

1.  The channel numbers were prefaced with a U and an F.  Do these mean USER and FACTORY?

UPDATE:  (SLAPS FOREHEAD) I looked in the manual...DOH!.  Page 10.8 User & Factory...disregard.  ; ' )

2.  They also have a file extension of .L6T.  Are the older .SYX files still usable or should I just delete the ones I have?

3.  Lastly, how does one upload the 2.03 Combo.vtf file to the Vetta?  Which program?

Thanks. I appreciate all replies.


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I don't know much about the L6T files but I would open an L6T and one of your SYX files in notepad and see how they compare. I think Line 6 edit can run without the Vetta Hooked up to the computer so if your syx file will load up in there you should be OK. Just change the syx to l6t


I think you can use the Line 6 monkey to load the vtf file.


I found this info


Hi all,  I Finally figured out how to load the VettaComba_2_50_vtf file.

 I had to put a Windows XP computer back together out of five trashed systems, and load the Monkey 1.16 for the Archive download page at  I used the UNO midi device with the correct drivers recommended by line6 back in 2009.   The Monkey still would not see the vetta but had a tab that allowed me to select a local .vtf file upload and sent it out midi to the vetta.  


The line6 Monkey 1.16 popped up the step by step procedure and in 30 minutes I was up and running.


Later versions of Monkey in Windows7 and Windows8 will not have the local file select option so you will not be able to do this, I went back to 1.36.  AND!!!!!     since the vetta is brain dead, no Monkey or Line6Edite will ever see it.


Now since my Vetta Combo is fully function and has a new 3 volt battery,  I dumped all the Syx files for backup so in 8 to 10 years I have to change the battery again, I will not have to depend on the .vtf file.  Plus when changing the battery use a snap socket for a 2032 battery.  I pulled one off an old AMD motherboard and it lined up just right.





I used the tool Borne's SendSX to build and load these files.   Let me know if you need them by this blog.




PS:  Line6 will have the file VettaCombo_2_50.vtf to Email but I never got a good answer on the Monkey issue, I had to hope that my idea was going to work for me.

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Not everyone uses Facebook. I don’t. I can tell you you how to update your vetta with windows 10 and an old version of monkey. It was easy. And I also use edit with windows 10. I use soundblaster audigy sound cards. Cheap on eBay. With midi inputs on its own patch bay. Works great.

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