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Variax repair


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Wondering if anyone has had their Variax sent in for repairs for a faulty input and if so, how long before your guitar was returned to you? My shop has had my guitar for almost two months now and they have no answers or ETA as to when I can expect it back. Just curious if anyone else has run into this kind of downtime.

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In my experience, "authorized service centers" often leave just about everything to be desired, and are only marginally better than leaving your item to be repaired by the residents of the gorilla habitat at the Bronx Zoo. This really has nothing to do with Line6 per se, it's just part of the wonderful world of warranty repair. Repairs which are free, of course...and as we all know, you tend to get what you pay for. Should it be this way? No, but it often is.


All that being said, 2 months is absurd by anyone's definition. Take it back and contact L6 directly. You may have to send it back to the mother ship and have it repaired there. Open a service ticket, or better yet, call customer service directly and explain the situation. Maybe they can expedite things for you.

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Long & McQuade's main service is in Pickering, Ontario.

I'll forward this to our service manager to reach out to them regarding this.

My guess is the Output Jack Assembly part might be back ordered. I'm waiting

for some myself.


Also, going into the support ticketing system and follow up on your last ticket.

And contact,...

Yorkville Sound
550 Granite Court
Pickering, Ontario, ON L1W 3Y8
Tel: 905-837-8550
Fax: 905-839-5776

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I know a couple of techs at Yorkville, this is not normal.

I and my colleagues will be looking into this. Our authorized service centers come thru

for our customers. We don't take this sort of thing lying down,... in spite of what crus would have you think.

This has nothing to do with your personal work ethic, or the rest of your team at the home office. It never does...but we both know that that if the OP hadn't shown up here to gripe, and you hadn't seen his post, he'd be at the mercy of the Rhodes Scholars he's already been dealing with for the last 2 months. Independent repair shops don't want to do warranty work because there's little payoff, and it'll always end up last on their list of things to's just the way it is. You know it, and I know it.

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