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M20d: Recording Main Output and Controlling L3M Equalization

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Hello folks! I have bought my first PA system: M20d+ 2x L3Ms.
They sound awesome and amazing...

If anyone here is proficient on the M20d, may i ask two questions (I already RTFM!):


1) Recording on the M20d: if i select Inputs+Main Mix, i do get all files for each track and for the mix. But if i select "Main Mix" only...nothing gets recorded...yet it's quite simple...you can't go wrong...
I press the Record button, play the song...stop it...there is nothing saved to be replayed. Also, the "bay" under the play/record controls does not fill with any icon, while when i choose "Inputs+Main Mix", all channels appear as square icons in that bay, and i can see the green blips pulsing as we play.


2) in some Line6 video on the M20d, the guy shows how you can tweak the 32-band Equalizer in the L3 speakers...well, i can't get to that screen...nor does the User Guide show this feature.


I upgraded mixed to 1.20 and the speakers to the latest firmware too....
Thanks for any hints - sorry if this isn't the right place to ask.


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This is exactly the place to ask, and we users of the gear will try and help.

The 31 band eq is a Deep Tweak settings when you select the main mix output devices. The manual references but doesn't show it. Unfortunately I am in USA and my gear is in the UK so I can't check it out for you.

Also can't help with missing Main Mix recording as I only ever record the Inputs - main mix would not normally be useful as the level of drums/backline in the main mix is very low if anything. 

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2) I'm not at my M20d at the moment but IIRC the 32 band EQ is visible in the TWEAK (or Deep tweak) section of the outputs block in the Fader view of Performance mode.

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Just saw the behaviour you have described with recording as well.

Guess it's a bug in the firmware.



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