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Adjusting action on my Shuriken?


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Anyone done an action adjustment? 
I like the new Shuriken I just got, but the action is a smidge high for me. 
I'm assuming its the nut under the neck where it connects to the body. 

Which way to turn it for what? 


I saw nothing in the Pilot guide. 


Experiences and any official references welcome! 


Be well,



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Action should be adjusted primarily at the bridge, not with the truss rod. While neck relief adjustments do affect the action to a degree, that's not really what it's for. Raising or lowering the action at the bridge will sometimes require that the neck relief be adjusted as well, but not always. If you're not familiar with doing so, take it to someone who is...damage is easily done.

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Yes, if you're not experienced or comfortable doing a setup take it to someone who is. There are three factors involved in a setup - neck relief (truss rod), action (bridge height), and intonation (saddle position). Changing any one of those can require a change in another. It takes experience to get the interplay right.


Of course the only way to get experience is to try it, but do some reading and make sure you have a good understanding of the concepts before you do it.

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