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2.30 Bug? Output set to USB, but still getting output on 1/4"


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So my setup is Guitar>helix>fx loop to real amp> back to helix> laptop to record

In 2.2-whatever the previous version was, I could set the output to USB and it would only send an out signal to my laptop.  In 2.30 however I'm getting output from both the USB and the 1/4" out which is going into my amps FX Loop return when I have the OUT set to USB on the Helix.  

I know I could just unplug the 1/4" to kill the output back to my amp, but then it's annoying if I want to switch to my live patches on my helix since I'd have to plug it back in every time.

Seems like a bug to me.  Anyone else having this issue?



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Ok! upon further examination it's only when I have pro tools up and running.

Helix is set as the playback engine.  First setup on the helix I tried was Guitar> fxloop to go to and from my head> USB OUT only in path 1.  Path 2 has input set to NONE.   

2nd try was going Guitar> fxloop> Path2A>  USB out.

Anyway it wasn't doing that in 2.21 or whatever the previous version was.  Nothing else in my setup changed.

edit:  if that's not clear, basically any audio output from Pro Tools is going to the 1/4" out.  

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