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Can't load IR's Out of memory error


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I am unable to load IRs through HX Edit. Either importing or drag and drop gives the following error:

Failed to import one or more impulses. (Out of memory condition. [code-2]


Anyone else have this issue?

I think I may have seen this happen before. I don't remember the exact details but my vague recollection is that it had something to do with trying to import or export multiple IRs at one time and what was causing it to fail was an empty IR slot. Try breaking down the group of IRs in half repeatedly and reloading them until you find out what specifically is failing. You don't have a zero length IR file by any chance?

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Just to say it, as a programmer myself, that's an example of poor error handling. Seems like the code assumes that the only reason the IR data would be truncated is that the program was out of memory. Oops.


Agreed, the error is not indicative of the root cause and makes it difficult to track down as a result.  I have seen lots of these "erroneous" messages in many applications and operating systems over the years. Often it is because there was error handler code with "traps" that caught and handled a wide assortment of possible errors but without handling each error specifically enough. Another issue can be the error code reporting the symptom rather than the cause. Error codes like these can contain verbiage that is so general or flat out incorrect that although the error handling is able to perform properly and catch many possible errors and prevent a full crash of the application, it doesn't do much to point you to the root cause. For example, HX Edit or the Helix may have run out of memory handling the 1k file in this case but that does not tell you what caused the problem. That message may also lead the user to think the memory on their PC was inadequate rather than it being an issue potentially with a file that impacted HX Edit's or Helix's memory space.


My favorite error codes are as specific as possible regarding the error's cause and better yet issue a message with advice on how to address it. More explicit instructions can be misleading too however if all of the possible causes and fixes are not captured. Another virtue of extremely specific error handling is that it can launch a subroutine that can potentially handle the exception and still complete the bulk of the operation successfully while simultaneously informing the user of what needs to be remedied. My experience has been that error handling can be something that matures over time in a product that continues to receive periodic updates.

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