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JTV 69 problem.

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I've just been trying a JTV 69 at my local music store (NOT a L6 dealer) and found that the Variax sound would cut out as I moved the guitar around. The 1/4" output seems OK, but using a VDI lead, it cuts all 6 strings out and then reconnects.

I realise that it might be as simple as a network socket fault - but it might be a main PCB fault.


Has anyone got any suggestions as to what the most likely cause might be?


Any idea how much L6 would charge to diagnose the fault (I'm in the UK)?


Are main PCBs and other parts available here? 


I'm considering making an offer for the guitar 'as is' but need some guidance as to whether L6 will be able to fix it for me. The guitar is exactly the spec I'm after and has been professionally set up and plays extremely nicely so I'm tempted to take it anyway if the price is right.


Any help gratefully received

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Loose connect, using a regular CAT5 cable instead of one with the VDI housing (on both

ends of the cable), faulty cable, intermittent solder point and a few other things.


Parts available,... yes. Check with E&M Electronics in Milton Keyes or my mate Mark Wright Music

in Northampton. Mark used to be my opposite number in Rugby, when we had a location there.


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Yes, it does seem as though it might be a problem with the CAT5 connector on the guitar. I have 4 VDI cables and they all seem to be the same.

I've emailed Milton Keynes for some info.

Do you know if there is a fixed price for out-of-warranty repairs or a fixed price to diagnose the problem as I'm considering what sort of offer to make for the faulty guitar?


Many thanks

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"Do you know if there is a fixed price for out-of-warranty repairs or a fixed price to diagnose the problem"---

No, we don't track that. It's up to the individual shop.


E&M is good, Mark Wright knows these guitars as well as I do, so either of them would be good.

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  • 2 months later...

As a quick update I have now got the guitar and changed the Input Jack plate which has solved the problem (as far as I can tell so far!). When I stripped down the guitar I found almost a dozen string ball ends in various parts of the electronics and I think it's fortunate that no real damage seems to have been done.

I got the new part from Fullcompass via a pal who lives in the USA but, when I thought it had got lost, I got absolutely no response from them. Fortunately it turned up a week or so later.

It was an quick and easy job to replace the part on my JTV69 and everything seems fine now.

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When a string breaks, have to check for anything loose inside.

Loose things can migrate. With Shawn Phillips, I found three in his JTV-69. But then, he tours a lot and the guitar needed a lot of work that day. Worked great when I got done with it. Still going strong, still hear from him form time to time.

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The guitar has been regularly touring the world since it was new with a world famous performer and, I guess, has had lots of string breaks over the years. I rarely break strings (famous last words) so I'm hoping it won't be a problem for me. Just in case I've filled the hole with a thin, very flexible, gasket which won't stop the wires moving with the tremelo but shouldn't let string ends pass through from the trem cavity into the electronics.

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18 minutes ago, davidegirardi said:

I never have the spring plate on my guitars. That helps too.


Yes - I might take mine off if breaking strings becomes a thing (I think I broke a top E string in about 2000 but can't remember breaking one since so I hope it won't be an issue for me. It clearly WAS an issue for the previous owner though). In the 70's I used to use 6's (from Cardiff Music Strings)and broke strings all the time (no surprise there, then)!!

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