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JVM HJS & Helix Midi CC Comands Issues via Snapshot


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Hello together, 

i come from Germany and my english is not so good. I have Issues with the Midi Implementation with the Helix and my JVM 410 HJS Head. In Preset and Stomp Mode I can teach Midi Commands from Helix to my JVM.  Good so far. But in Snapshot Mode i can't teach the Helix to change CC# Commands. I instruct the Instant Button to learn the CC# Commands for my JVM. So well, the Value are working and move but the CC# Commands parameters do not move. Its still the same on all Snapshots. Presetmode not working fine because of interruption by switching Presets. I need the Snapshot Mode, definitely. I hope somebody can help me


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I'm pretty sure the switching on all JVMs are the same.


From the JVM HJS Handbook:

On reception of a MIDI program change command the

amplifi er stores the current status (Channel + FX + Noise Gate

+ Master Settings) in the MIDI program number received.


PC (program change) messages work because you are toggling settings off and on.


CC messages won't work because the JVM can't remember level settings.





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the JVM HJS are definitely works with CC# Commands. Bute the Helix doesn't save the settings in the Snapshot over Instant 1. The PC# he saves. The CC# not. Thats horrible

Watch this video - the midi stuff starts at about 12:00.



Near the end he shows to afffect midi CC changes.

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Not sure what you mean.


He shows how to do a midi cc command. you have the availability to do several of them (6 I believe) for each snapshot. There is also MMC available (multiple midi commands). Maybe a book on midi would help?

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No, i think i know what Midi, PC# & CC# is. I fixed it. In the JVM HJS Midi Implementation in the Manual you will see thats the right Commands are CC# Commands. But the Hellix doesn't work with more than One CC# in Snapshot Mode. In Preset and Stomp Mode he do it. But not in Snapshot Mode. I had to reallocate the commands of the JVM. 

to do that:


Command Center 

Instant 1


Midi Ch - my Channel is now 2 ,from the Amp - The two Bank Buttons ignore - Programm (Value), here you go to reallocate the Command for the JVM.


On Snapshot 1 you enter number 1

press the Switch of Snapshot 2 and Enter Number 2, and so on. etc etc


To Programming the Amp Settings you want on your Snapshot 1 you have to be in a different Preset like 2,3 or 4


So recall: assign Snap 1 with Programm 1. Snap 2 with Programm 2, and so on.


To programming the Amp setting you want on Snapshot 1, goes to ,example Snapshot 2 and aktivate it with the Footswitch. Ok.

make the settings you need on your Amp for Snapshot 1!!!!This is important. You are on snap 2 but do the Amp settings for snap 1.Ok


When your Settings ready, press 2 times on the Midi Button on the JVM. Now he's blinking. And now, press the Footswitch for Snapshot 1. 

The Midi Led on JVM flashing fast and the AMP has the new Command on PC# 1 and at the same time for snap 1. You can easily change that later.

Wherever you want this Amp Setting, you must only say to Instant Button - Programm 1. Thats it.

I had the 12 Channels of the JVM associated :


Programm          Channel


1                         clean green

2                         crunch green

3                         OD-1 green

4                         OD-2 green


5                         clean orange

6                         crunch orange

7                         OD-1 orange

8                         OD-2 orange


9                         clean red

10                       crunch red

11                       OD-1 red

12                       OD-2 red

to be able to remember the number better!By using this method, you only need to register and save the program numbers in Future Snapshots.

the FX, Mid Shift, Master & Gate can also be saved. You can assign these buttons but also with cc# Commands on the Stomps. as already said, the CC does not work in the Snapshot Mode.

After configuring all 12 channels of the JVM you can create your snapshots and assign the PC # commands. Do not forget to save this snapshot as well. 
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hello every one 

sorry my English is not so good am from Spain 
Well my experience yestarday trying to connect Helix with a Marsahll JVM410H was a little Confuse. 
i do this 
i conect midi cable from Helix to the Amp 
I set one of switch as
program/bank     Program 1 and dont touch anything more 
press bottom to see if amp reconoize recognize the command and yes the amp save this action 

but in the moment when i want to save patch on Helix 
Helix screen turn Black and nothing more to do 

What can be a problem there 
Can you help me please 


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