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  1. This may be a perfect smaller solution for my much-less-complicated bass rig as opposed to my full helix setup for my guitar rig.
  2. USB to Midi Adapter. Just get the M-Audio one. My Mio didn't work. The M-Audio Uno did. Update the DT through Line 6 Monkey. Then, if you want, you can download DTEDIT and clear everything out of channel A if you are having that issue as some people here may have? And program in whatever you want on channel B. I put a pretty consistent clean tone on Channel B so I can use it with all of my presets if I want. Basically adds an additional amp block to all of my presets. XLR cable may or may not work. Get an AES/EBU cable to be safe.
  3. I had the same problem. I was using an I connect mio and it wouldn't work. I picked up the m-audio uno 1x1 midi interface and all is now awesome.
  4. Also make sure your dt has updated firmware. Mine didn't and I had to update it.
  5. I'm just glad that we are getting the functionality at this point. I honestly did not expect that to happen based on prior comments. In fact, I almost sold my DT50 as with Helix it was basically just another head, and I have plenty of those. Using the L6 link was basically the same as running it in 4CM. Add in the Midi cable (which I also did) and it had some of the funcionality, but is much more cumbersome. Now that there will be greater integration, I'm glad I didn't sell it as it will make a super versatile and streamlined stage rig, especially with the Variax (which I also still have). So thank you guys for deciding to add this. It was unexpected, but is also greatly appreciated. So, now that the DT series is back in the fold with the Helix, are there any plans to re-release the DT50 and 412 cabs? Or is the 25 going to still be the only new DT available?
  6. One of these things is not like the other................:lol:
  7. I actually think L6 has done a great job of updating this unit over time. I bought mine back in February of 2016. right before 1.06 came out. Since then they have added a ton of amps, effects, and functionality to the Helix as well as introducing HX Effects, Helix Stomp and Helix Native (which I also have in my pro tools setup). They have also added quite a few high gain amps for those of us who like it nasty. The Cali IV, the 2204 Mod, the Fatality, Archetype, Badonk, Placater, etc. It already came with Quite a few from Soldano to Mesa to Bogner to Engl, 5150, Several original models, etc etc....right out of the gate.. Now they are throwing Revv into the mix? That doesn't include the massive amount of effects added. I'm pretty happy so far and I'm very excited to integrate it with my DT-50 head.
  8. Jugghaid

    Helix For Bass

    It has the BK-7 (obsidisan 7000) which works fantastic for bass. I would like to see the Alpha Omega and Vintage Microtubes as well. But if you dial them in the Minotaur sounds great as does the Clawthorn if you like a fat fuzzy distortion. Lots of great bass tones. also the Woody Blue amp model is very good for a platform to start with.
  9. That is understandable. I went full blown Helix (bought it when they first came out) into a Blackstar Series One 104EL34 for a long time. And then added an Egnater Vengeance head to the mix to go stereo. It was a phenomenal setup. 80% of the time I used the 6 real tube channels from the heads, but it sure was nice to have the flexibility to add a lot of additional amplifier tones into the mix, such as Matchless, Friedman, Engl, Archon, etc. It just gave me way more flexibility. Now I'm back on bass for gigging and I still use 4CM for my guitar rigs at home although that will change with the DT50 and the new update when it hits. I may go to gigging bass with the Helix and a EV ZLX112 cab for stage monitoring and see how that flies. It's gonna be hard to not use my Mesa Prodigy/Bergantino NV610 cab though. It sounds so good. But the Helix direct would be SO much easier.
  10. I love my JTV59. I did have the problem with the artifacts when on high gain amps with the low E string, but after reading several threads here, that was fixed with string gauge. It's a great versatile piece of gear.
  11. All the darkglass pedals are different flavors of awesome. Vintage Microtubes, Alpha Omega, BK7, BK3.....all just sound so good.
  12. Yeah, that is one super versatile amp.
  13. I hear ya. We do 40-60 minute sets all the time because that's the original market in Denver. Our drummer handles the samples and backing tracks with the laptop and runs an IEM to the other ear for a click. So that's on him. I'm actually back on bass again now in my original band and I use the helix there too, but really just for some effects into my Mesa Prodigy/Bergantino NV610 rig. Don't need to model anything with that rig, :D
  14. And to me, a lot of this is moot for live playing. I only use cab modeling or IR's for recording as I decided I prefer playing the helix in 4CM through tube heads and actual speaker cabs live. I still love having a tube half stack (usually with 2 heads running stereo into a stereo 412 cab) behind me on stage for a LOT of reasons, but dynamic feel is the most important one. Weight is the least. :D I bought several different ownhammer IR's because I do prefer them to many of the line 6 cab models, but there are some gems in the Line 6 cabs as well, depending on how you use them. Especially in a 2 cab setup.
  15. And I'm not saying that you are claiming helix is defective. I am, however, stating I have seen that claim from a whole lotta people. And I can not agree with the assertion that the Mesa cab has an inherent fault. Just like my personal example with V30s. Other people can make them sound great to me. I can't. The fault lies with me, not the speaker.
  16. I'm in the same boat. In fact I'm not a huge fan of V30 speakers. And I play mostly hard rock/metal. I much prefer Creambacks, Greenbacks, and G12T-75's to V30's. I think some of it has to do with amp pairing and some of it has to do with playing style as well as the actual speaker. But there's nothing wrong with V30's. My lead guitar player in my metal band makes them sound glorious with his Engl rig. I'm the problem, not the cone.
  17. I'm not trying to be "lofty". I'm just stating what I have seen. And it's not a direct criticism of you, so please don't take it that way. It is a general observation. And I'm not sure what you mean by "for someone who uses a modeler". Is that supposed to be a veiled insult? Not sure. but just for the sake of clarity, I use the Helix for modeling, I also use tube amplifiers. I use them together in 4CM. I use Helix Native for recording and re-amping. I use whatever gets the best results whether it be live or in the studio. The point is that there are thousands of people who are getting great tones out of new modeling gear, Helix included. Several people here had already pointed you to resources to try and assist you so me adding on to that probably would not help. And, as you said, you found a solution. I'm being very literal when I say if you can't get a good sound out of a unit (Helix, Fractal, Headrush, etc) the fault is not with the unit when thousands of people are in fact getting great sounds out of it. It could be one of several factors. The ones I have seen the most often are: 1. Limited experience in setting up a signal chain. 2. Limited experience in using cab sims and IR's. 3. Setting up the cabling incorrectly 4. Using insufficient monitoring (headphones, speakers, etc) 5. Really just not knowing how to dial in a tone by using hearing as opposed to what you think it should sound like with a certain setting. 6. And this happens a lot..... deciding to slag on a piece of gear because you use a different piece of gear. (and I am using the communal "you" here). One of my former bandmates bought a Helix after hearing my setup and then couldn't figure out how to get a decent sound out of it. In fact, he had no idea how to use it at all and not only couldn't set up a signal chain, he couldn't even tweak an amp model. And made no effort to learn, but instead relied on me to program it for him. (He also couldn't dial in a good sound on his modded JCM800 and it took me about 30 seconds to do so). There are a lot of people like that out there that just want to plug something in and have it sound like the tone in their head. That doesn't work with a piece of gear like Helix and doesn't work for almost every tube amp I have owned over the years. But those tube amps aren't at fault any more than the Helix is. I can pretty much make any piece of gear sound like arse if I tried. :D The opposite is also true as long as you have the right piece of gear (tool) for the job. I'm glad you found a solution. The helix is an amazingly versatile piece of gear if utilized properly. And that can be in many different configurations, whether someone prefers FRFR or running through a tube amp, or just a power block and cab, 4CM or as a plug in..
  18. I bought a pair of the EV ZLX 12 inch powered speakers. They work great for guitar and bass. But I still prefer 4CM through a tube amp so they get used for my home PA system now.
  19. Jugghaid

    Helix snapshots

    Add in the Variax guitars and soon the DT50 control (PC as well) and itt's ridiculous what you can do with the press of 1 button. Change from a Sitar with chorus through a JC120 to a resonator in open G through a fender twin to a les paul tuned to drop C through a PRS Archon with multiple effects available. It's stupid good.
  20. I have had zero problems doing similar things with midi controllable heads (although not the TC50 specifically).. I also do this with the full blown Helix and not the Stomp but I can't see where it would be a problem?
  21. Which is why I have stopped responding to these types of threads. Seriously, I have yet to find a newish modeler that I can't dial in a pretty damn good sound in under 5 minutes. I am of the belief that if someone can't, it's definitely not the fault of the modeler (unless it is an actual faulty modeler).
  22. Jugghaid

    Bass Content

    I use my helix for bass and guitar. I haven't had a problem with either, the bass models work great and you just have to dial them in. Hell, Billy Sheehan uses one live. For a great nasty bass fuzz use the wounded paw battering ram model, it kills. Or and fuzz together. The woody blue and gk 800 models are the best sounding for my styles. But live I use my helix in conjunction with a mesa prodigy head and bergantino nv610 cab. I add some of on the front or some modulation effects here and there.
  23. Hmmmmm..... Be interesting to see the full feature set for this and why it would make sense over the other product lines they currently have.
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