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  1. This may be a perfect smaller solution for my much-less-complicated bass rig as opposed to my full helix setup for my guitar rig.
  2. USB to Midi Adapter. Just get the M-Audio one. My Mio didn't work. The M-Audio Uno did. Update the DT through Line 6 Monkey. Then, if you want, you can download DTEDIT and clear everything out of channel A if you are having that issue as some people here may have? And program in whatever you want on channel B. I put a pretty consistent clean tone on Channel B so I can use it with all of my presets if I want. Basically adds an additional amp block to all of my presets. XLR cable may or may not work. Get an AES/EBU cable to be safe.
  3. I had the same problem. I was using an I connect mio and it wouldn't work. I picked up the m-audio uno 1x1 midi interface and all is now awesome.
  4. Also make sure your dt has updated firmware. Mine didn't and I had to update it.
  5. I'm just glad that we are getting the functionality at this point. I honestly did not expect that to happen based on prior comments. In fact, I almost sold my DT50 as with Helix it was basically just another head, and I have plenty of those. Using the L6 link was basically the same as running it in 4CM. Add in the Midi cable (which I also did) and it had some of the funcionality, but is much more cumbersome. Now that there will be greater integration, I'm glad I didn't sell it as it will make a super versatile and streamlined stage rig, especially with the Variax (which I also still have). So thank you guys for deciding to add this. It was unexpected, but is also greatly appreciated. So, now that the DT series is back in the fold with the Helix, are there any plans to re-release the DT50 and 412 cabs? Or is the 25 going to still be the only new DT available?
  6. One of these things is not like the other................:lol:
  7. I actually think L6 has done a great job of updating this unit over time. I bought mine back in February of 2016. right before 1.06 came out. Since then they have added a ton of amps, effects, and functionality to the Helix as well as introducing HX Effects, Helix Stomp and Helix Native (which I also have in my pro tools setup). They have also added quite a few high gain amps for those of us who like it nasty. The Cali IV, the 2204 Mod, the Fatality, Archetype, Badonk, Placater, etc. It already came with Quite a few from Soldano to Mesa to Bogner to Engl, 5150, Several original models, etc etc....right out of the gate.. Now they are throwing Revv into the mix? That doesn't include the massive amount of effects added. I'm pretty happy so far and I'm very excited to integrate it with my DT-50 head.
  8. Jugghaid

    Helix For Bass

    It has the BK-7 (obsidisan 7000) which works fantastic for bass. I would like to see the Alpha Omega and Vintage Microtubes as well. But if you dial them in the Minotaur sounds great as does the Clawthorn if you like a fat fuzzy distortion. Lots of great bass tones. also the Woody Blue amp model is very good for a platform to start with.
  9. That is understandable. I went full blown Helix (bought it when they first came out) into a Blackstar Series One 104EL34 for a long time. And then added an Egnater Vengeance head to the mix to go stereo. It was a phenomenal setup. 80% of the time I used the 6 real tube channels from the heads, but it sure was nice to have the flexibility to add a lot of additional amplifier tones into the mix, such as Matchless, Friedman, Engl, Archon, etc. It just gave me way more flexibility. Now I'm back on bass for gigging and I still use 4CM for my guitar rigs at home although that will change with the DT50 and the new update when it hits. I may go to gigging bass with the Helix and a EV ZLX112 cab for stage monitoring and see how that flies. It's gonna be hard to not use my Mesa Prodigy/Bergantino NV610 cab though. It sounds so good. But the Helix direct would be SO much easier.
  10. I love my JTV59. I did have the problem with the artifacts when on high gain amps with the low E string, but after reading several threads here, that was fixed with string gauge. It's a great versatile piece of gear.
  11. All the darkglass pedals are different flavors of awesome. Vintage Microtubes, Alpha Omega, BK7, BK3.....all just sound so good.
  12. Yeah, that is one super versatile amp.
  13. I hear ya. We do 40-60 minute sets all the time because that's the original market in Denver. Our drummer handles the samples and backing tracks with the laptop and runs an IEM to the other ear for a click. So that's on him. I'm actually back on bass again now in my original band and I use the helix there too, but really just for some effects into my Mesa Prodigy/Bergantino NV610 rig. Don't need to model anything with that rig, :D
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