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  1. Jugghaid

    Bass Content

    I use my helix for bass and guitar. I haven't had a problem with either, the bass models work great and you just have to dial them in. Hell, Billy Sheehan uses one live. For a great nasty bass fuzz use the wounded paw battering ram model, it kills. Or and fuzz together. The woody blue and gk 800 models are the best sounding for my styles. But live I use my helix in conjunction with a mesa prodigy head and bergantino nv610 cab. I add some of on the front or some modulation effects here and there.
  2. Jugghaid

    HX stomp - Anybdy else see this today?

    Hmmmmm..... Be interesting to see the full feature set for this and why it would make sense over the other product lines they currently have.
  3. Jugghaid

    Helix Harsh Tones/ offensive replies

    I have run my helix through FRFR systems (I have a stereo pair of the EV ZLX series speakers), direct into ProTools, and through a variety of tube amps including Blackstar Series One, Egnater Vengeance, H&K Grandmeister, Blackstar HT-5, Peavey Classic 30, Fender Twin Reverb, Marshall JVM Series, Vox AC15, etc etc..... I think the longest it has taken me to set up a good usable tone was about 2 minutes through any of them. That's not all the final tweaking, but a good basic tone with a couple of effects. I invariably run all of the tube amps in a 4CM (or in stereo with 7CM + midi cable for the Series One). It just works better and offers a ton of flexibility. My main stage rig is the helix and the Blackstar Series One EL34104 for most of my tones running stereo outputs into the returns of the Blackstar and Egnater Vengeance amps into a stereo Vengeance cab so I have EL34 tone on one side and 6L6 on the other. I have tones using the Blackstar's 4 preamp channels and tones using the Helix preamps (and full amps minus cabs). I also do the same with my Bass rig running into a Mesa Prodigy. In this case I only use effects including disortion (mostly the Minotaur and the Darkglass modeler, but some modulation effects occasionally). I don't generally use the bass models into the Mesa amp, but I do for FRFR. All of this is stupid simple to set up. Maybe it's me because I'm a gear head and I know how to set up a proper signal path, but as a gigging musician, shouldn't you know how to do that? Helix or no helix, you should probably know which effects go where in your chain. So when I see people here stating that they can't get a good sound out of their helix, I can only think of a few potential problems. 1. They have it set up wrong (this is the most common, whether it is their connections or their signal chain). So ask questions and show examples of what you are doing. There are a TON of helpful people on here willing to give you the benefit of their experience, but they are not psychic. Show them what you have set up and what you are hearing. 2. They have a faulty unit (have seen that on here a couple of times). 3. Their definition of "good tone" is different than 95% of the rest of the world (seen that too). Again, post examples. People here will tell you if you are crazy or not. :D 4. They are "purists" trolling here to make themselves feel better about something.(we've all seen that too). Bottom line, this is NOT a hard unit to program or use. If you can dial in an amp or effects pedal, you can dial in the Helix. In fact it is a ton easier to use than the large pedalboards I used to use or even the TC G-System I used before getting the Helix. And you can get great tones from it if you know what you are doing. Way better than the earlier Pod stuff or the Boss/Digitech/etc modelers.
  4. went with these: Problem solved,,,,,,,
  5. Jugghaid

    Fremen's Helix presets

  6. Jugghaid

    Using Helix and multiple amps with channel switching

    Unless I'm reading the manual wrong.... 18. EXT AMP 1/2 Connect to your traditional guitar amp to switch its channels or turn its reverb on and off. Use a TRS cable for dual operation (1=tip, 2=ring). Which is possible. I would still think it's possible to do this using a Y cable. Maybe possibly reversing the leads on one end of one cable.
  7. Jugghaid

    Using Helix and multiple amps with channel switching

    You can set it in the control center to trigger tip, ring or both.......
  8. Jugghaid

    Using Helix and multiple amps with channel switching

    TRS to Y cable to two TS cables into your foot switch jacks on the amps should do it I think. It will depend on your actual amps, but I think you can do that. The external amp control output on the helix is meant to handle 2 amps.
  9. Jugghaid

    When's the 2.60 firmware coming? It's only been 12 hours!

    You do know who has owned Line 6 since 2013, right? :D
  10. Jugghaid

    New Helix HX Reverbs - Sloppy wet samples

    Very nice. These will be extremely useful.
  11. Jugghaid

    Why only 60 seconds for the looper?

    Yes, you did. You bought a unit with 4 effects loops, a 60 second looper and a ton of great effects and modeled amps. That's exactly what you bought. I really have to laugh when people get mad because the piece of gear they bought doesn't have every single feature they wanted set up the way they wanted it. No company is going to make a unit that is all things to all people. It's literally impossible. We all have different wants and needs. And it doesn't matter if we are playing in front of 20,000 people or 20. If the Helix doesn't work for you, find something that does.
  12. Jugghaid

    Why only 60 seconds for the looper?

    Then why did you buy a unit with 4 external effects loops? That, in fact, makes it EVEN MORE of an all in one solution. Being able to utilize other units with it is a massive benefit, not a detriment.
  13. Jugghaid

    JVM HJS & Helix Midi CC Comands Issues via Snapshot

    Not sure what you mean. He shows how to do a midi cc command. you have the availability to do several of them (6 I believe) for each snapshot. There is also MMC available (multiple midi commands). Maybe a book on midi would help?
  14. Jugghaid

    JVM HJS & Helix Midi CC Comands Issues via Snapshot

    Watch this video - the midi stuff starts at about 12:00. Near the end he shows to afffect midi CC changes.