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HX no sound

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No sound.

When it's powered down, and I'm plugged in, audio passes through to the amp. When I boot up the HX, the audio cuts out once it's up and running.


I didn't change any settings since my last session.

Checked my cables - they are brand new, but checked them without the unit anyhow, they work. 

I did a factory reset. 

I have updated the latest firmware (2.54.0).


I've only had it for a little over a month. Any suggestions? 

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Same problem here....sudden loss of out put thru the 1/4 output.did all the checks like “highline-2004 did...XLR works OK...so as a backup I made a whole new set of pre-sets to be XLA output.....but I Like using my Tube Amp...I will try rolling back to 2.50

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