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Setting Bpm, Bug In Hd500x Edit

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Has anyone else noticed that when editing patches in the HD500X Edit software (and probably the HD500 Edit) and trying to set the BPM value, it doesn't "stick"?  For example, let's say I have a patch for a particular song and want to set the BPM to 75.  I select the BPM field, type in 75 and and then save that selected preset.  Then, I double click some other preset to change to that one and then double click back on the preset I set to 75.  I look at the BPM value and it's not 75.  It goes back to whatever it was previous to setting it, say the default of 120.  The workaround I have is to just hold the view button on the unit and go down to the 6th menu screen and manually set the BPM there for the patch, but that seems kind of dumb that I need to do that.  What's the point of an editable BPM field in the software if it doesn't really work?  Maybe I'm doing something wrong in terms of how to get it to apply?  Not sure.  Any thoughts on this?

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I believe this is an acknowledged bug in the Edit program. Could be wrong about this - my memory may be faulty but I think I recall this being reported before. Perhaps other users can correct or confirm this.


I suggest you report it as a bug by opening a support ticket. This will help Line 6 prioritize this item as something that needs fixing.

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