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Ux1 No Leds, Device Unknown

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Hello there,


I bought a POD studio UX1 a few years ago and as far as i can remember it used to work fine. I decided to start using it again yesterday but found that i cant because;


  • The LED doesnt light up at all when it is plugged in
  • the UX1 is not recognised and is listed as an 'unknown' device


I feel i have tried everything, i have;

  • uninstalled and re-downloaded/installed all relevant software multiple times,
  • I have gone and bought a new USB cable which does exactly the same thing
  • I have checked all USB ports in my laptop and they work perfectly with all other devices
  • I have done the obvious such as restarting the laptop and waiting for a while..


The only other coclusion i can think of is that the UX1 is faulty, but i cant see why as its been looked after and barely ever used.


I would also like to mension that when i plug the USB cable in, it does make a sound, not the 'da ding', a USB device should make, it makes a 'dung dung' sound, not the 'di dong' one when you unplug a device. thats the only way i can describe it, and that also means the cable should be working.


I am also running on Windows 7.


Somebody please have a solution to this because i was really looking forward to actually using my UX1




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i have tried so hard to contact some one about this my pod gx the usb built in one of the metal sporks i belive has broken i wan to replace this but i cnat find it any where can any one please help it is the usb connecter on the pod it self inside please some one i feel so lost not being able to use pod farm pleaseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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