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Fbv Express Mkii And Pod Farm 2 Controller Communication Problem

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Hello, first I would like to appologize, I am asking this on behalf of a friend whom is Japanese, and can not make this post in English. Please understand I am translating this for him. I'm 99% sure I am getting this all correctly.

I am familar with audio equipment to some degree, but not to the extent that I can help my friend.


He is using MacBook/Apple 10.6.8 and is running Logic Pro 9, and would like to use POD FARM 2 together with the MBV EXPRESS MKII.


When he launchs POD FARM as a stand alone application while the MBV is connected he is able to effect the controller pedal and see the desired affect inside the application. i.e. He physically moves the pedal with his foot and the pedal is seen as moving inside the app.


However, when he launches the plugin within Logic, the physical pedal does not affect the pedal within the plugin. Instead on whatever track is slected the fader is manupilated.   It seems that Logic is recievcing MIDI data instead of the POD FARM plugin.


Thank you for your help!

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I would assume he would have to set Logic's MIDI to control the PF plugin the correct way, otherwise, yes, the FBV will control Logic, not the plug-in.

If he wants to control PodFarm with the FBV, then he would run that in stand-alone mode, feeding the ouput to the input Logic for recording.

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