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Need Help with Amp Set-Up

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I recently bought a Gibson Les Paul and Line 6 V60 amp from guitar center. I'm having trouble with editing the options in the amp to match the tone of some of the songs that I want to learn and cover. Is there a place where I can learn about what each effect, settings ,etc does.


I tried  doing Since I've Been Loving You, Archilles Last Stand, Sweet Child of Mine, and Jimmy Hendrix songs but I have a hard time figuring out what I need to do. I know experience plays a big role but I really have no one that I can turn to for help/advice to help me get started.  Did I mess up on my gear selection? I've literally spent hours researching online what a particular artist uses for a particular song and then try to find the right settings on my amp using the spider app but I always get stuck.


Any suggestions would like tutorials, or at least gear recommendations would help. I can't go out and buy things right away but what are some essential things that I can add in the future that will help with my guitar experience?



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Dialing in and matching tones can take time, but will come more naturally with practice. Matching up amp and effect models to the gear the artist used is a great place to start, then trying to match the actual tone and thinking about how each part is interacting. It may be a bit more difficult to get Hendrix sounds out a Les Paul but the Zeppelin and GnR should be very doable! https://line6.com/tone-templates/ is a good resource for rig diagrams, although the actual settings are not noted. I think for a lot of the Zeppelin and GnR tones the core sound will come from the amp model and less from effects. Alternatively, you can also use the free Spider Remote app to download other user's tones as a starting point or template. 

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