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  1. Load the spider remote app onto a tablet, android one is good, or mobile phone, connect it to your amp via a cable into the back of the amp, you will need an adapter, now power the amp up with your tablet connected and powered up and the app should start, use the cloud to search for tones, ie Hendrix, led zeppelin, acdc, then save in your tones or save to amp, you have to choose a channel, easy peasy
  2. Hurrah cracked it now up and running ,downloading publishing too
  3. Hi everyone. I have just bought a line 6 spider v 240 combo, so I have put the remote app on my phone which is a sony xperia M5 does not work on my amp, screen on the amp says unsupported device, put same app on my tablet a Samsung galaxy a6 same problem, then my laptop, an Acer Aspire 5733, the app is different to the android app, there is no cloud, put the switches on the back of the amp in the right positions for pc or android on all these options, no joy, had the amp 2 days and I am very disappointed, cant get any advice from anywhere please help
  4. Hi I have just bought spider v 240 tried the spider remote app on my Samsung s6 tablet it says device incompatible, so tried my Sony Xperia m5 same message, installed Samsung smart transfer still my any ideas????
  5. So my amp has twelve pre sets so would that give me three banks of four channels?
  6. If the board has banks of four channels, can I programme the banks and channels with different sounds?
  7. thanx for that, what about the channels? do you get 32 or 128? :huh: :D
  8. Hi could anyone tell me if the mkll shortboard works with a spider ll 212 150w, and do all the functions work too?
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