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DT25 Combo default speaker output


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I just noticed that my DT25 combo has the onboard speaker plugged into the 16ohm output labelled C.   It has been like this since NEW.

However, on the back of the speaker I can clearly see it states 8 ohms.


Which speaker output should the onboard speaker be plugged into?  Should it be plugged into one of the 8 ohm outputs labelled B?


Also - will having the speaker plugged into the 16ohm output when it is in fact an 8 ohm output damage either the speaker or the amp?


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DT50's come that way, as they are a 16-Ohm load. DT25 should be the 8-Ohm as it usually is.

Someone along the chain missed that one.


Being that's you're in the UK, maybe force of habit. A lot of British audio gear back in the 60's

and 70's had 16-Ohm as standard issue back then, and 8-Ohm was still a big thing here in the

States,... the 120 verses 220 VAC systems between us.


A gray gaffer like me,  in the chain over there, who still thinks in 16-Ohms might have handled it

along the way,... would be my educated guess.


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Thank you for your answer psarkissian.  Always very helpful, useful and interesting.


Last night at band rehearsal I tried out the DT25 with an external Marshall 1922 cab - using the mono input at 8ohms - in conjunction with the onboard 8ohms speaker - and it sounds a new level of awesome! Wish I had thought of using it with the external cab ages ago!   I was keeping up with the other guitarist who has a Marshal TSL 60 Watt amp,  with 2x12, plus a 2x12 extension cab.   My little DT25 with it's 1x12, plus a 2x12 extension, running the Marshall models, sounded almost identical to his.       :)


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On ‎12‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 9:47 PM, oscarguitar said:

Which outlets did you have them plugged into? 


I plugged the external cab and the internal speaker into the pair of outputs labelled for " a pair of 8ohm speakers" on the back of the DT25.

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