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Maudio firewire 1814 adat and podfarm2

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  I've just reinstalled podfarm 2 after a lengthy break. I have a toneport di but I only want to use it as a dongle. I should be able to use the 1814 for podfarm standalone right?

I did purchase a podfarm 2 license. 



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Yes. As long as the device is plugged in and you're logged in to license manager.

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POD Farm standalone only works with other USB audio interfaces if you purchased a hardware independent license.

You could try inserting an instance of the PF2 plug-in (using the Toneport as a dongle) in you DAW and just feed it the signal form your 1814, but depending on your computer there may be noticeable latency. Also, I don’t think a Firewire interface is supported with the hardware independent license.


BTW, did you upgrade to PF2? The Toneports were typically PF1 where as the POD Studios are PF2.

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Thanks Triryche.

                          Not for the first time you have given me the right answer, and sorry for the late reply.

The thing is I contacted support some time ago, clearly stating that I was using a firewire interface.

I've been going backwards and forwards trying out their suggestions but off course, none of them were ever going work.

I actually discovered this myself just before I saw your post only minutes ago. I read it in one of the

podfarm 2 download notes. 


I don't use a Daw, but I will try a vst host. If that doesn't work, I will just forget about podfarm.

I already have much better sounding amp sims that work perfectly in standalone with the Maudio firewire interface.

I only wanted to use podfarm for the Bass amps. I seem to remember the bass amps sounding pretty

good, and I don't have many bass options in my current amp sims.


Yes you are right about my podfarm 2. It was an upgrade. when I first got the toneport, it came with

gearbox gold.



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