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HX Stomp - Using 2 IR blocks (Parallel)

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Hey guys,  I'm new to the HELIX familly I did a research on YouTube and Google and I can't fin any information about this.


I wish to use 2 block with IR (1024) in parallel.


Any help on how to do so would be appreciated.


My Goal :

Is to mix 2 mic within the same preset. Example mix a 57 with a 121.


How do you set it up ?

(2 block using 1024 IR)


How do you blend the 2 ? (mono input and output)

(Using Split  Y, (Pan left, right ) or Split Y A/B?)



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It's really not too complex, though I understand that it can seem like it is. The Stomp's default settings will basically do it for you.  


Create your signal chain with your starting amp block (no cab). Then for your next two blocks input the IRs that you want to use. Now, select the first IR and drop it (if it's using the Stomp itself to edit, then you select the block and chain its path to path B, if you're using the HX Edit software grab the block and pull it down to path B). 


Once that's complete, make sure the merge block is situated to be a point where the two IRs come together, but before any additional effects that you might want. 


Walla. You're set. 

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Alright, thanks for your reply , 


Solution :


Use an Amp Block (no cab) then insert 2 IR blocks (1024). 


Drag an IR Block to Path B  


Make sure to move the merge point right after the Amp block then insert your FX.


Using this method your able to mix 2 speakers or 2 different mics. Make sure to use the Merge point options.



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That certainly gives you the most control in regards to levels and panning... but the other option that saves resources is to find an IR that already blends those mic's the way you like. 

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