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Hello Line 6 community,

   I recently received the Line 6 UX2 POD studio as a gift. I previously had the GX POD on a different system and decided it was time to step up.  After updating all my drivers and having everything up to date, I was still a little peeved that I could only have access to the same amp models as when I had my GX. I had updated my POD farm to the latest version, un-installed, and did it again with no luck. I was able to run my pod setup through my DAW (I use reaper) and record, I even put out a track to test the new hardware. However, today after a session crash I was afraid that I blew it, because the lights on the level meters would not turn on. After rebooting, the POD worked again but I decided it was time to get my amp models.

   Then, I ran the License Manager. I had previously registered my device through the line 6 site. After running the license manager and registering my product and my computer, I opened my pod farm to find all my missing tones! 

   However, now my UX2 POD was not picking up any signal. I would plug in my speakers and see the two level meters register, but my POD farm still was not recognizing signal from my guitar. I rebooted my comp, and now my POD studio doesn't register a thing. 


TL:DR;  UX2 POD studio worked fine prior to running the License Manager from Line 6 Monkey.  Now I can't get POD farm to recognize my guitar signal.


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DE authorized and re-installed everything again. Now, the pod recognizes sounds, but still nothing from pod FARM. Under the mixer view, with my guitar plugged in I can sometimes get it to barely register at -60 dB. Tried different cables, and a different guitar, still nothing.

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