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Physically detuning JTV69 and Variax Standard

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Question about physically detuning both Variax Standard and the JTV69:

If I want to use thicker gauge strings - say, 12s - and I detune them to compensate anywhere from one to three half steps (such that the tension on the piezos is comparable to 10s tuned normally), how are Variax sounds affected?
Which I guess, really, two parts
1. How are standard tuned sounds in Variax mode affected?
2. How are alternate tunings in Variax mode affected?

Can I get away with thicker gauge strings that are physically detuned and still be able to access the full power of the Variax?
I don't want to go through the whole setup process if it isn't going to work - so does it?

If it matters my Standard is the Amethyst Limited Edition one. JTV69 is 5 or so years old and I haven't updated the firmware that I can remember.

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Pitch tracking problems with the piezos can start to occur if physically tuning off standard by a whole step and a half.


On a blot-on neck, it's not a good idea to go higher than 11's.


Changing string gauges,... will have to get the set-up checked a couple days after the tension sets in to check to see

if any adjustments are needed.


If detuning is desired, best to do it through Workbench HD, puts less stress on the mechanicals.


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