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Joystick dead - bug or hardware problem?


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I sold my Helix floor (bought in July 2016) a few days ago, made a software reset - everything was fine before. The new owner now reports that the joystick is dead - you can select blocks moving the joystick up and down or left and right, but if you want to chance an effect, amp or cab by clicking on the joystick nothing happens. So there's no way to chance any blocks …

Firmware was 2.8.2 - the new owner downgraded to 2.7.0 – that did not solve the problem. He also tried to chance  the Global Settings (Preferences > Joystick Encoder > "Model" and "Selection") - with both preferences changing the block does not work.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences with this problem? Is it a hardware problem inside the joystick? Could it be anything else?




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