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Can't hear some patches


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Hi All.  I downloaded some patches. Some of them I can't hear.  My Helix goes directly to my amp.  I downloaded a patch called "everything" from the line 6 website and I can't figure out why I can't hear it through my amp. Regular 1/4 inch from helix to my amp.  I can hear other patched but some of them I change the out to 1/4 inch and still no sound.   I would live someone to let me know why I can't hear it. totally mute. Grrrrr

Thank you all


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And your volume pedal.  Depending on how you have your globals set, you might need to give it a wiggle!

Can't remember the details, but it needs to be set to Global so it behaves the same every patch - otherwise some start at zero and you need to move it to get a value from it. (doesn't matter where it sits physically - it doesn't read it till you move it).  That's a setting everyone probably wants to change!

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