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Hey People,  


I just recently purchased an HX STOMP.

I have been watching loads of videos on how to create presets and such.

One in particular which caught my attention was this one:  



He assignes his settings to SNAPSHOT 1 and 2 and upon doing so, the switch lights on his HX STOMP change colour.

I have tried this and unfortunately my lights are just white and this is only when the switch is selected, when a switch is not selected the lights are off.


Any Idea what I've done wrong? I feel as though I followed the video correctly.



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Ok thanks, I'm really new to all of this so I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing yet.


Ideally I would like to set up the HX stomp in such a way that each switch is a preset.

So that when I step on one of the switches, it is turned on and the others are turned off, and visa versa.


For example:

Switch one: Rhythm

Switch two: Lead

Switch three: Clean


Is that possible? 


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When you change PRESETS there's a momentary audio dropout while the presets unload and load.

 When you change SNAPSHOTS there's no audio dropout because the PRESET doesn't unload.

A SNAPSHOT changes the parameter settings of a loaded PRESET.

You can assign up to 64 (IIRC) parameters to a SNAPSHOT, across multiple effects.

For instance, you might have an overdrive OFF for Rhythm1; ON for Rhythm2; ON with higher gain and mid-boost settings for Lead.

One place you might have strange results is if you change the speed of a delay with a snapshot while a note is repeating.


I'm going to recommend that you read the manual and watch Jason Sadites' videos on using Helix products. Concerning SNAPSHOTS, all the same rules and methods apply across all Helix products, there's just less SNAPSHOTS on the HXS than on the full size versions.

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